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She's looking in the closet as I type. Maybe tonight!?
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Come on babies! And coral!
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Still none. I can't believe it. I read another post about her having babies in the dog crate, so I started thinking. At 12:30am I went into the garage, when I heard Coral scratching under our bed, and got the cat crate. She looked at it and walked away. So much for the effort in the middle of the night. I really thought if would happen. Now is better though because the party is over. So, now I'm ready. Hopefully she is too.
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It doesn't matter how many nice nests you make for her, she's going to have the kittens wherever she pleases. Hope it's soon.
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Ugh, Veruca is trying to nest anywhere and everywhere. She got into the cupboard where we keep our dishes last night, AND on top of the fridge. She can leap right onto the counter, I can't stop her. If I put her in my bedroom she just cries and scratches on the door. I don't know what to do.
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Still none!
Wow! Well, at least Flower on the other forum had hers...Coral can't be far...usually liking themselves is a sign...
Oh ya, Happy birthday to everyones kids!
Come on Coral!
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It sounds like Veruca is very close! I'm wondering how much Coral is going to nest. Do some cats just find one spot fast and just claw at that one spot or should I expect her to go all over the house for a day or two? Do some cats only nest for a few hours and then have their kittens? I feel like I know nothing about all of this, but I want to be around to see if she needs any help. I'm so anxious. I'm very thankful to have all of you to help me with all my questions. THANK YOU!!!

Yeah, I have been watching Flower for a couple of weeks now and was so excited to read that she had her kitties. Maybe Coral or Veruca are next. I'm taking bets it won't be Coral. She likes having those kittens in her. I was feeling her tummy today and it seems like she has 3 or 4, which is neat because I thought she only had 2! We'll see. How easy is it to feel the kittens at the last stage?
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Originally Posted by tinahaj View Post
Yeah, I have been watching Flower for a couple of weeks now and was so excited to read that she had her kitties. Maybe Coral or Veruca are next. I'm taking bets it won't be Coral. She likes having those kittens in her. I was feeling her tummy today and it seems like she has 3 or 4, which is neat because I thought she only had 2! We'll see. How easy is it to feel the kittens at the last stage?
LOL it looks like our cats are holding out on us. Veruca has been nesting for the past 10 days. She's been in every cupboard, closet, under the bed, on top of the fridge and in the bathtub. As many pages on the stages of cat pregnancy I have read, I'm still completely clueless as to what is supposed to happen. She's hiding under my bed right now, and I would have coaxed her out, but my sister told me to let it happen there. "It'll happen, quit worrying," she says.

I'm really excited that Flower had her kits. It was a timeline I latched onto. I knew Veruca was pretty close in stage to her, so now it can happen at any time! I'm guessing that's what you did too! We just have to hang in there, it's got to happen soon!

I check this forum like 3 to 5 times a day to see if any new kitties are born, too. I think I'm getting obsessed. I've never even seen a baby kitten before, and since I'm getting Veruca spayed as soon as she weens her babies, this will also be my last time.

to you and Coral!!!!
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You're funny! You sound exactly like me! I was reading about flower for the same reason too. I was telling my husband, "Look, I'm not being weird, other people are one here too posting about their pregnant cat." He he...I'm not sure that made him feel any better. This cat pregnancy is like an obsession. I look at my cat every few minutes and look for any discharge or an odd behavior. I'm afraid to even leave the house. It's funny because the last thing I ever wanted was to have kittens, but now it's all I can think about. Crazy cat ladies are we!? I think so

Did you get your cat's name from the band Veruca Salt? They're from the 90's and were one of my favorite bands at the time. I love that name.

Come on Veruca and Coral. Today seems like a good day to have kittens!!!
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Haha yes, I think we've crossed the line to becoming crazy cat ladies! I got Veruca off of Craigslist. I had been watching it, hoping one day a bengal cat or main coon would need to be rehomed. They're personalities are somewhat like dogs, and I have an adult friend who has autism who greatly recommended either them or a dog. Since we live in an apartment, I didn't think a dog would work. Finally, I saw a post for an adult purebred bengal, really cheap, on Jan. 16th and snatched her up.

I can't remember exactly when I noticed that she was pregnant, but it was before Feb. 4th, the day I had her scheduled to be spayed. She hasn't stepped a foot outside of our place, so she had to have gotten pregnant before we adopted her. I wasn't too hip to her name, but my son says it so cutely, so we kept it, hehe. So that's the timeline I have to work with. And I also check her out, looking for mucus plugs and kicking kittens and any other signs there all all day long! She can have them on top of the fridge, I don't care! Just have them! haha
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You should put pictures up of Veruca. I want to see her tummy. You can use photobucket if you haven't already. Any news on the kitties? I called my vet and they said not to worry about Coral not having them yet. They said that unless the kittens aren't moving, then don't worry quite yet. It eased my mind a bit.

Crazy cat ladies unite!
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Haha....I always say to my friends that my purpose in life is to be a crazy cat lady too!=P
I can't wait till the shelter gets another cat for me to foster....
Come on Veronica and Coral!
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I had to coax her out onto the balcony because my camera takes terrible inside pictures. The kittens are still moving around, I think there's two or three tops in there. You can see them bulging out of her sides. She's very lean and hardly eats. That's probably why I could see she was pregnant so early. I have no idea if she's dropped or not, her stomach's not very big (as you can see) but huge at the same time. Her boobies are full of milk now, really flabby, but nothing has leaked out. I don't know, she could be ready to pop - or not. I'm not going to guess anymore!

We need Coral pics too!

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Oh my gosh! She does look ready to burst. He tummy is hanging so low! I love her markings. Have you said how old she is? Is this her 1st litter? I can't wait to see what the kittens look like. The anticipation.

Coral went under the bed today and was scratching away like crazy at the carpet. We're going to re-do it in a couple of years, so we're not stressing about the carpet under the bed. I really hope she doesn't have them under there because I want to watch the process and be there to see if she needs any help.

I think cat people are alittle crazy, but we help to make the world a different place. Yay for crazy cat ladies. I wonder if there is a club. I'm going to check.
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I found a lot of sites about ladies who own way too many cats. I think you can be a crazy cat lady with even 1 cat. I know I was when I had just my one. I have 4 now, but I don't think that's too many. Maybe we're "not-too crazy cat ladies".
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Ooh, I wish my apartment allowed more than one pet. I would keep one of the kittens. Veruca is about a year old, so the couple I got her from told me. They had two male bengal cats, both marbled. One was silver/black, the other was rust/white. I can't wait to see what the kittens look like.

Does your cat occasionally look startled, then try and lick her rear end? I swear to god Veruca does it every day and it's freaking me out. I keep saying "this is it!" but then she falls asleep again. Sigh.

Any luck with Coral?
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She doesn't ever lick her rear-end. I keep waiting for her to. I can imagine you getting excited everytime she does. I know if Coral did it I'd freak out! She licks herself everywhere else though, all day long too.

It's funny because since she so far past her due date, I called the two vets that originally saw her. One vet, the crappy one, told me to bring her in ASAP and made it sound like an emergency. The expensive, fancy vet, told me to hold off, that the due dates were probably just a bit off, but they could see her if I wanted. They also gave me lots of good information. The other vet didn't say anything except to bring her in right away. It's almost like they were trying to freak me out. The crappy vet is expensive too. They want to charge $49 just for the OV. The fancy vet isn't that much for an OV, but they charge for every little thing they do. I think I'll give it till next monday before I take her in. I think it would just be a waste of money.

I have been missing lots of sleep. I keep hoping that she's go into labor around this time of the day and have the kittens just before bedtime. That will give her all night to bond without me bugging her to take them to the vet. Does anyone know if it's important to take them to the vet, even if you see her expell all the placentas? I would rather leave her alone afterward and not bug them with a vet trip.
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I talked to my vet right after Goldy had her kittens and he said unless there was an obvious problem I didn't need to bring the kittens in until they were six weeks old.
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That sounds good to me. I really hate to bring animals to the vet unless it's for a good reason. It's not a money issue, but I think it's such an immense stress on the animals. Thank you.
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Well, Veruca went into labor at about 11:30 pm tonight. I'm going to sit up with her and make sure all goes well. Wish us luck!
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Good luck Veruca,I am sure you will all have a late night like me and Flower did.
Hopefully Coral is close too.
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Yay Veruca! I'm so excited to hear how it went.

What signs did she show? How many kittens did she have?

I think Coral want to keep the kittens inside her. I think all our cats were pretty close together, so she should have them anytime. Both of you had them at night, so I'm wondering if she will too.

How are Flower's kittens doing?
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Oh man, what a night! I had no idea it would happen so fast.

My husband works afternoons, gets home at around 11:30pm last night and Veruca greeted him at the door, as usual, then started crying and licking herself immediately. I looked down at her and saw that her tummy was contracting. I think the only guess I had that she might deliver last night was her look of discomfort at about 8:30pm. There wasn't any milk or mucus plug or whining. She slept most of the day, ate, drank water, ate cat treats, etc.

She didn't have any trouble, and had a kitten every half hour. She had four total. She did everything like text book, too. I guess my only concerns right now are her fear of my son, and one of the kittens was born without a tail!
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It sounds like everything went perfect! Did you have to help at all? It's good to know that she ate like normal too. Everytime I see Coral eat, I almost get disappointed. Where did she have them? It's interesting that one was born without a tail. Sort of cool actually. When you get a chance...pics? Good job Veruca.
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Veruca climbed under the bed just before she has the first kitten, but came back out and had them in her cat bed here in the living room. At one point, she tried to climb into my son's tent! She made me and Tony scratch and pet her the whole time.

I didn't help much, I just wiped the kitten's faces with a rough dry cloth while she cleaned them off, to soak up some of the liquid coming out of their noses. She immediately took over the second they were born. By the forth kitten though, she left it wet for a while.

My son has freaked her out. She moved all of the kittens under my bed. I put a blanket down there and a heating pad set on low, her food and water dishes and litter box are near by.

I'm telling you, there weren't really any signs! She slept and ate all day. She forced me to give her a half a bag of treats just minutes before she started to deliver, too. She comes out from under the bed every hour to let me pet her, too. It's so sweet. What a champ! So don't worry about it if Coral is eating, I got that same woe when I saw Veruca eating yesterday. It'll happen soon! It's so awesome! for you and Coral!

I'll try and get some pictures if she ever lets them out from under the bed
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He he...what did your son do? I have two little ones that freak Coral out all the time too. These poor kitties. They love it deep down inside. It sounds like it was such an amazing experience. I'll be you're tired today
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Yay Veruca!!!!
You'll have to get some pics of the kits! What colours are they?
Well, thats 2 down, 1 to go!
Come on Coral!!! You can do it!Its odd that she would be so far past her due date, but as long as she's acting normal, she should be fine...
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Thank you for the wishes! I can't wait. I think it very odd that she was so far past her due date. That was with two doctors seeing her too. She now 13 days late according to one and 8 day late according to another. I called the good vet and we're all just watching her very close. The kittens are going crazy today. Coral is acting weird, but my husband is laughing at me and saying that I keep saying that. No, she really is acting weird tonight.
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Ooh, that could mean something!! I'm crossing my fingers for you!!!

The kittens all look just like mom. They are all spotted, two are silver/black and two are rusty brown/black. The tailless kitty is doing great, my daughter is going to take her, so that makes me happy.

Oh, c'mon Coral, have them babies!
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I can't believe it, no babies yet. I thought for sure it was going to be last night! We're gussing today then. Maybe she'll have a daytime delivery, which would be great. The kittens look like they're about to just pop out. She looks very uncomfortable at times. She's walking funny, like a pregnant woman. I'm going to be out a bit today, but my mom is going to be here with her, just in case something happens. Thank you to all of you for your encouragement. It's gets very disappointing at this stage.
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