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Jack's Home Now

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Was a long year in waiting, but Jack is finally home with us. He's OUTSTANDING! Love everything about him. He's a bit shy at the moment in being handled, but we'll work on that over the next few weeks. He's in the library playing with a stuffed mouse.

Charlie's curious as to who is in the room, but I switched carriers - put Charlie's carrier in Jack's room and put the carrier Jack was in in the living room sitting out. Charlie immediately had to check things out.

We'll let him get used to us first and by Sunday should be able to let Charlie and Jack meet face to face.

We'll work on pics over the weekend as I have a new photo thing on my pc and hubby and I will have to figure how to download the pics, etc. Will have them as soon as possible.
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I'm glad you're happy with him
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Glad he made it there ok.
I can not wait to see pics of him.
Kiss him for me.
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Glad he's home safely.

Looking forward to lots of pictures of him. I hope Charlie enjoys having a little brother.
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Awesome!! So glad he got home to you safe Now its just waiting on pics
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Glad he made it to you OK! He's had a long journey so is bound to be a bit wary at first. I am sure he will settle in fine, youngsters usually ajdust pretty quickly.

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Yeyeyeye! Congratulations on your new baby!!!
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Glad he's home safe and sound. Congratulations
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Welcome home Jack!
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Sounds like this one is a keeper. So glad he made it there safely.
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safe and sound at home Welcome home Jack
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*waiting anxiously for pictures*
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