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Callie Needs Healing Prayers

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Callie is my almost 13 yo cat and the love of my life, next to my DH that is! We took her to the vet this past Friday to have her teeth cleaned, ears flushed, annual Rabies shot (required by the state; I got the 3 yr one for her), bloodwork, and urinalysis to check her kidney function. Everything went well, bloodwork is good, kidney numbers are holding steady. On Sunday, she wouldn't open her left eye. Took her back to the vet and she's got a scratch on her eye. Gave us 2 eye drops to give her. On Tuesday, she started sniffling and sneezing. This happens EVERY time we take her in. No biggie, we have some Clindamycin chew tabs coming and that will clear up any problems. This morning, she sounded like she was wheezing, so back to the vet she went. Come to find out, she's got some kind of lesion on her tongue!!! Not sure how that happened, unless it was during the dental. Now she has Buprenex to take for a few days. Poor girl! Eye drops 2x a day, Clindamycin 2x a day (but it's a pill treat, so she likes that), and now this liquid for her tongue. All she's done today is sleep!! Not interested in eating as much as normal, but she's eating some and she's drinking well. Pray she gets over all this quickly. Thanks!
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Aww poor baby thats a lot going on .........sending prayers her way that she feel better as soon soon soon
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Poor baby! for Callie's quick recovery.
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Me and my Callie are sending love and prayers to you and your Callie.
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