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Pictures of my brothers graduation

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Just got these back today and I'm so happy with how they turned out! He's such a cutie!! Hey girls...he's 18 and SINGLE!

Marc and Me:

My Family:

Mom and Marc:

Dad and Marc:
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What are your brothers plans now that he has graduated?
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He wants to take a year off from school to save up some money and then go into the Police Academy. He's already checked into what he needs to do to become a cop and it may require him to have a couple of years of college (Criminal Justice) under his belt first.

But...this kids been known to change his mind as often as he changes his underwear, so he's plans may change. I just hope that he decides to go back to school, get a good education and gets a great job.
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Congratulations on your brothers graduation!!! You have a very nice family!
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Shell those are beautiful photos of you and your family! Thanks for sharing them with us. Much luck to your brother with whatever he decides to do!
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Thank you!
Here's a couple more...hope I'm not boring you all!

Marc's headshot:

Picture from the Senior Slide Show (it's his Senior Pic and a baby pic):

Picture of my Maternal Grandmother and Marc:

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Great pics, tell him congrats on graduation! :flash:
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Congratulations to your brother, and thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures!
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If he isn't a corn-fed Nebraska boy, I don't know what is! (I can say that, being from Nebraska and my whole family is from Nebraska. If you watched Cornhusker football in the past few years and saw offensive linemen named "Volk" - those are my cousins )

Shell, my cousin (not one of the Huskers players) is a Madison County Sherrif (Norfolk), and he LOVES being a cop.
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A lot of good 18 and single does most of us. I've got a bone spur, older than that!

Congrats, on graduating, though.
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OMG Cindy! I had to share your post with my family just now! We all just died laughing! That was just way too dang funny!

Heidi, I'm a HUGE husker fan and I remember the Volk guys on the team. Wow...didn't know they were your cousins! GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We were all pretty proud, especially when we had not one but TWO Volks on the team.

I'm telling you, though, there is something in the water in Nebraska. You guys just grow them boys BIG out there!
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That's what everyone says! But...when you look at the family pic, it looks a bit deceiving. Dad is only 5'9 (and shrinking daily) and Mom is only 5'5...and than I'm 5'10. My brother might be adopted, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not too!?!?
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Your brother has absolutely BEAUITFUL EYES!! Congratulations to him for graduating!
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What great family pics and what a happy occasion!
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Thanks Guys! I told my brother that I posted his pictures and he said "Great, Crazy Cat women will be checking out my pic's!". But he did say that if there was any hot chicks on the site, just let him know. Typical teenager, huh?

Ok weird question, do you think he looks like me? Everyone comes up to me and says "Marc looks just like you!" or "I can tell you two are siblings!". Its funny to us since he's adopted and is no blood relation to me. I think he's just grown into "us"...ya know what I mean?
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Oh my what a nice looking boy!
Congratulations on his graduation!
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Congrats on his graduation! Thanks for sharing!
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