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I don't know if I made the right decision. She was pretty sick and every time I saw her I felt so, so bad. I was afraid she would spread it to the other kitties. I took her to the humane society. I held back tears (the best I could) all day at work. Then I cried all the way up to the humane society and all the way back. The guy said he thought it was a URI. You know, she was meant to be an indoor kitty, she didn't like it out there. I really do what I can for these cats. I love them. I cry every time I think about her alone in the cage at the humane society.

I just really hope you guys don't hate me. It was a really, really hard decision. I did what I thought was best for the rest of the cats and for Rose.
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Honey - you give a rat's rear end about cats that no one else bothers with - you are fixing cats that just found their way to you......I can't see any reason to hate you.

You cannot get Rose the care she needs, she has half a chance at the shelter.

Know that in many shelters, there are volunteers like me that do care - and even if euthanized - she won't die "just a cat", but a hole in someone's heart like mine.
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I think you absolutely did the right thing for Rosie... For what you described in the other post, she was in pretty bad shape, and you couldn't afford a vet for her... Now she will get better, and have the chance of going to a wonderful forever home
Maybe you will feel better if you call often to check on her. Also let them know to tell you if she is ever put on the Euthanasia list, so that you can go there and take her to foster, and help to find her a home...
Meanwhile, you can talk to people, friends, co-workers, and see if someone wants a furry cute friend... I think being proactive will make you feel better...
Nobody here will hate you, and I have no doubt in my mind that you made the right decision.
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Thanks, guys! I'm crying again and I have to go to work. Natalie, I hope there is someone like you there!
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I agree. Stay in touch with the HS. And let them know that you will help (if you can). I wonder if you can go there and visit her. The HS here does euth animals. But if they can find a foster home and get that URI cleared up, she sounds like a little doll and would be a good adoption candidate.
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