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Help*5 Kittens need a home...

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My daughter and I were in south central one day and this lil cat came up to us while walking to my car. She was super sweet. When I opened the door for my daughter after petting this kitten she came right into our car! Point being I had the idea of getting her fixed and keeping her as an out door cat. I had her for not even the whole week and two days before the vet visit, she had a litter of kittens under my 7 year olds bed. I now have 5 cats in a small apt. who do not want anything to do with the outside world for more than 10min. I asked around for months from, family to friends to parking lot and now craislist after a friend advised. They are super sweet and just need a good home. I tried to do something nice and now I have 5! Due to a pay cut I can no longer keep my home and we must move to a smaller 1 bedroom and no one will take my daughter and I with 5 cats. I am very heart broken and dont know what to do. Please, if you are interested in adopting give these sweet ones a look. Kittens are 8 months and mom approx 2 I will post pics shortly. I have fixed all the females and hope to find them a great home. Any ideas/help on options please let me know. I do not want to take them to a shelter and they are not skilled enought to live by themselfs outside after being indoors so long. PLEASE HELP!
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I don't know where you live but I'm sure someone here can help you find loving homes for them! There should be more people in the world like you, I hope you find good homes for them soon!
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Are you talking about South Central LA, Los Angeles area?
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