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Is 3.5 lbs normal for 5 month old kitty?

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Just curious about this. We adopted a sweet little Manx kitten a couple months ago from the humane society. She's active, healthy and playful, but she's very small. She only weighs 3.5 lbs, but she is even a little chubby if anything! She's a stockier, shorter kitty, but is very small at 5 months old. I'm just curious, does spaying at a young age (12 weeks in this case) have anything at all to do with growth and maturity?
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My Cleo was spayed at 14 weeks and weighed 3.18 pounds then and is almost 7 pounds now.
She is 7 months now.
Some cats grow slower.
My Manx was 10 pounds but was not a big cat.
I would not worry yet.
I ahd a full grown cat that weighed 5 pounds before.
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Some cats are just small.

Often cats that were spayed/neutered young are longer, taller and bigger than those neutered later.

If your cat is healthy, she's probably just on the smaller side.
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Early spay/neuter has been going on for about 25 years now and they have done scientific studies on the effects. There has been no size difference identified, and the only physical sign is that some male cats keep a feminine shaped head.

My Scarlett is under 7 pounds at 7 years old. She has always been small and probably weighed about that much at 6 months old. The "norm" (and I do say that word in quotes) is a pound a month growth until they are full grown. But there are always variations either up and down.

Manx's are a blast. I was totally owned by one for many years. They have very strong and fun personalities.
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Generally with kittens months and weight tend to be fairly close. So she does seem a little light. If she has not had a recent full vet check it would be wise to do so just in case. Just writing it off as "some cats are smaller" and ignoring it isn't the best as there may be some health issue keeping her smaller. (I would worry about heart issues, personally, and want them ruled out)

My Tomas is a smaller male cat, but as a kitten he hit the weight for month recommendations with no problems.
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my Oedi is a very small kitty, he is probably 7 or 8 months right now and looks like a 4 month old kitten at most, but this is because he had a very rough start to life and was malnourished. I only say this because you said you adopted your kitty from the HS and perhaps that is the story with her?
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I'd have to really see the cat in person. Most medium size breeds (and Manx are medium) are about a pound per month of age up to the first year. Females are a little smaller, but IMO this kitten is too small - she should be 4.5 to 5 lbs at 5 months old.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Most medium size breeds (and Manx are medium)
Wouldn't this depend if it was a Manx or just a moggie with no tail?
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My Manx had problems but she was 10/11 ponds full grown.
She had seizors and died having one at age 11.
She was a very strong boned cat.
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Jake was 3.7 pounds at 11 weeks....Is she skinny or just have smaller bones?? What does your vet say about her size? My vet tells me if jake is getting a belly, I think size in pounds when it comes to cats is not a good indicator of how healthy their size is, because different cats have different bone structures..
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