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Well, the first of the 2 kittens from the farm came back from the vets. She is 3 lbs and 5 months old. Her ears were so packed that the vet said that for all purposes she was deaf. We got them cleaned out (ugh) and put her on clavox for her uri. going to get her distemper nasal next thursday. She was tested and came up totally clean. Not even fleas. Some slight worms, but otc should works. Will take her sister in next week. She is also very health, no cold, nothing. I'm going to give the first one, Smoky to my daughter and her husband for their birthday. Smokey put up with all this blood work and digging her ears out and never protested at all. She is such a gem. I wish I could keep her, but my daughter really wants her, soooo. Her friend may want the other one, Smoke. My daughter can get Smoky spayed for free because she is a full time student, so that will help.