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Blood Test Results - Diabetes?

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Hello everybody, I need a little guidance on Baby's care
I took him to his dental and while he was asleep we also took some blood to run some tests.
He is 3 yr old male, castrated, needs a dental once a year, and the problem is that he is 7.5 kilo

The results are fine except -
Glucose - 211 (i've been told here top is 100)
Creatine - 1.8 (top is 1.4)
SGPT (liver) - 192 (top is 75)
SGOT - 70
Tryglycerine - 167

the white cells & red cells are in normal range.

He eats -

Breakfast - 25 gr Dental food Rx (Waltham - RC )
1 teaspoon wet food grain free (about 25 gr)

During the day I leave 80 gr of Orijen kibbles for him and for my other cat... They eat from the bowl together, my other cat is 5.5 kilo and perfectly healthy.

My questions is, first of all how to make him loose weight - all wet grain free diet is out of the question because it is too expensive for me, each little can (85gr - only one grain free brand here) costs 1 euro, and if he would need 4 or 5 cans per day is too much for me.

The food brands available here are -
Nutra Gold Diamond
Orijen + Acana
Royal Canin
Nutro ( I do not know if they have all the range, I need to ask)
Arden Grange

Any help will be highly appreciated

Thank you !
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As far as diabetes is concerned, you do not need to feed grain free foods. Low carb cans are fine. I think you have felix or whiskers in jelly there and those are fine. The dental food however is not good and loaded with carbs
200 is not normal but is not high for a diabetic. Yoiur cat may not be diabetic at all. Stress can raise the number that high or even much higher. It is normal for cats to test higher at the vets. Infection also raises the number. Nomal for a non diabetic cat ranges from around 40 to around 120 (2.2- 6.5)
You should be able to get some keto sticks from a pharmacy to check the urine to see if sugar is spilling in. The only real way though to confim or deny diabetes is by getting a fructosamine test. imho, I do not think that is necessary yet
Oh and to lose weight? get rid of the dry
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