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Terrible dreams last night

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I had two bad dreams last night that I can remember..

The first was I was a passenger in a vehicle that ran over 2 dogs that were in the road. It was terrible. The driver of the car wouldn't go back to see if they were okay..and the whole family was out on the street and they saw the whole thing. I eventually made her go back and the dogs were okay but one had a broken leg and the other's face was bleeding

The second dream was that I got lost in the city, and forgot to turn the GPS on and the next thing I new I was on the freeway (which I try to avoid because I am not a big fan of it)..I am trying to switch into the right lane, and I turn the car right into the gaurdrail and end up going over it...at first there was a cliff there so I was TERRIFIED..then all of a sudden my car was upright on the other side of the gaurdrail facing the highway. Some people came to my rescue but it was so scary. My greatest fear is dying in a car accident so that dream was very unpleasant for me
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omg last nite was nightmare night for me too! I had a few cause mark had to wake me up from screaming a few times, all i can remember from the one is that i was running up a yard away from these monsters towards a house and when i got to the door i couldnt get in lol
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Sorry you had such a bad dream One of my biggest fears is dying in a car accident too, so I can understand how bad it was for you.
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I get bad dreams when I am stressed about something.
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I actually haven't had bad dreams for a bit but I use to get them something awful before I finished work. I think mine were stressed related as well. I don't really show outwards signs of stress other then gritting my teeth so when I would get to many things to deal for an extended period of time I would have nightmares about not being able to get everything done, or forgetting to do something.
Now I get what I call epic dreams every so often, where you are dreaming about something that wakes you up, you go back to sleep and then go right into the same dream..the result you wake up in the morning feeling like you never went to sleep at all.
Or the ones where the person in your dream is suppose to be someone else. Then you spend half the day wondering why you substituted one person for another.
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I had weird dreams last night too. Not really bad, just strange. Happens when I'm getting sick, or stressed out or both together.
I end up with cold sores when it happens so I know if I remember anything from my dreams, how they made me feel, anything, I'll end up with a cold sore. I just got over one on my bottom lip..now it's migrated to the top..
Makes me wonder if I'll ever get over them! Darn dreams!!
I'm so sorry yours were so scary, you'll be with us for a long long time! No car accidents or bad things are allowed to happen to you!!!
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