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Daily Thread Thurs March 5th!

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Weeeeeeeeee! Almost Friday!

Its a Sens home game today so I get to wear red at work today with jeans. I love jean days!

Its going to be cold today, but not too cold..just a normal amount of cold.

Heading to work soon, then to the gym . Josh has an exam tonight, so meeting him at school after work.

Not much else goin all have a good one!
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Have fun at the game. I must catch one of my home town's rugby games this season! What sort of sport do the Sens play? Football?

I'm just relaxing before I go to bed. I'll probably hit the hay around 1AM. I can have a nice sleep in tomorrow because I don't have much planned. I've got work at 5PM until 1AM.

I might just do some laundry and finally unpack from going away last weekend.

Have a good day folks!
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Ottawa Senators...they are a NHL hockey team!
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Ahhh I see! Awesome.
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Another cold day. temps hit zerol ast night ,its almost Spring! I'm so tired of this long cold winter..
Its a good day to get some spring cleaning done. I think I'm going to shampoo the rugs today..have to go grocery shopping also today and make a stop at the library to get something to read..
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Well its supposed to reach low 40's today!!! Let the snow melt resume.

I have some housecleaning and cooking to do today.

One of our nephews is coming over to have some lumber planed and I asked him for dinner. My parents are coming tomorrow so its time to clean the house a bit.

Also have to transplant the basil plants I bought 3 weeks ago as they are getting leggy.

This should keep me busy for most of the day.

Have a good one.
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I slept in until about 7:30 this morning since I'm taking the day off. The kitties were not happy about that and at about 6 AM Thufir started sliding the metal can that I fed them out of last night around on the kitchen floor. I'm planning to go to the grocery store today, and I also need to send some e-mails. Tonight I'm probably going out to Buffalo Wild Wings with a couple of friends to grab some boneless wings and maybe a coke to drink since I've almost quit drinking alcohol (too many calories).

BTW, I've always found the whole idea of casual days bizarre. If everyone can wear jeans once a week or whatever and the stock values don't take a nosedive (OMG! They were wearing jeans in there. Jeans! I'm changing companies immediately!) why not just let them wear comfortable clothes all the time and get more work done.
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It's finally warmer today. The weather network says its 4c but the thermometer outside the kitchen says 8.

I have to work 1:30-9:30 today. Not looking forward to it, I've been there every day this week and don't get a day off until Tuesday.
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Morning All!!!

Well it's a balmy -8C this morning but it is suppose to get warmer and rain for the weekend, hope so the sub-zero temps for the past week have turned most of the snow into ice so it's going to take something pretty drastic to shift it.

Had an early appointment for blood work this morning but when I got there they told me I would have to re-schedule because of having cortisone yesterday apparently it causes false readings on some of your test results. I guess you learn something new everyday, good thing I told them before I had the blood test done.
Weird as it may seem I don't mind having needles of any kind, except blood tests, they have a really problem getting blood from me and usually end up taking it from the back of my hand, and it takes so long depending on how much they need.

My knees actually feel pretty good today and should now for a least a couple of months

Nothing much planned for the rest of the day, if it's nice this afternoon I may go for a walk around the block, the fitness trail is to slippery to walk on right now. Other then that just putter at the computer and play with the kitties.

The kitties are good today, just had some treats and have settled down for a nap.

Everyone have a great day.
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Hey everyone!!
It's supposed to be 63 degrees here today!!!
We shampooed our livingroom rug last night and got the equivalent of another cat in hair out of it.
We get the rest of our furniture today and since it's supposed to be nice, I hope I can open the windows at least for a little while, the new furniture smell is just nasty...
Other than that, nothing planned for the day. Just getting the livingroom back in order.. I can't wait for my new furniture to come in!!
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It's nice but nippy out today here in Portland. I got out early and headed up to Vancouver, WA and Battle Ground, WA to a little quilt shop. I was hunting for a particular fabric and was having no luck in the main stores, including my own. The fabric is a year old or so. I found it in Battle Ground. Awesome shop, nice people, crammed to the hilt with bolts of cottons. Chickens (real ones) outside roaming around. It's farm country.

I headed home and will be heading to school in a few hours. The Quarter is winding down.

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Wow weather change! It's 67 and windy here.
I did some grocery shopping and making an Eyetalian dinner. Already made the meatballs and thawing out some frozen homemade sauce. I'll be throwing some noodles in water in an hour. Thought I'd stop in and see ...what's cookin Nothing planned for tonight so I might pop in an old favorite movie and have some popcorn.

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Ottawa Senators...they are a NHL hockey team!
I love hockey! Blues fan here

Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I'm just relaxing before I go to bed. I'll probably hit the hay around 1AM. I can have a nice sleep in tomorrow because I don't have much planned. I've got work at 5PM until 1AM.
Gee Sam, I forget you live on the other side of the world! Not only is the time opposite so are the seasons - I need to keep that in mind
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Originally Posted by lil maggie View Post
Gee Sam, I forget you live on the other side of the world! Not only is the time opposite so are the seasons - I need to keep that in mind
It may be opposite seasons here but the temperature here is 68 F today so it's not really that different and this is balmy weather for us!
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I'm a little late to this one!

Yesterday I woke up and took Hagan for a long walk. After that I went job hunting for a little while. That afternoon, I went to the attorney's office and signed my final divorce papers (my sister went with me.) When I was done with that I went back to my sister's house and had dinner with them. After dinner I went to my yoga class at the gym for a while then came back home and chilled out for a while and went to bed.
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