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Walls colors!

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Here is the colors I decided on Lemon Yellow for the kitchen,Harvest Spice for the living room.
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Ohh, I really like those. Have fun painting.
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Wow! You're kitchen is going to be VERY bright!!!! As a kid, I painted my room 1/2 yellow and 1/2 white... I thought I used lemon yellow, but now I'd have to say it was lemon-juice yellow, LOL, because it wasn't that bright!

Good luck and have fun!!!!! (Don't get kitty hairs stuck in the paint! )
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That yellow is really pretty-it will make your kitchen very bright and cheery.

When I was in high school, my bedroom was painted purple. I chose a medium purple, but when it was on the walls it was the color of a grape popsicle! We left the trim and windows white, so it wasn't too dark. When Dad repainted it a light green, it took 4 coats to cover!
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LOL! I love bright colors!
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I like those colors.

I just repainted my living room not too long ago........purple. It was supposed to be 'wine' but it looks pretty darn purpley to me!! But I love it, it grew on me!
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My Mom had a kitchen that color and it is one of the absolute best colors for a kitchen. I'm sure you'll love it, our whole family did (and we're not yellow lovers).
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yellow is great for a kitchen - it makes the kitchen look bigger - good choices Sherral!

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your colors are so exciting! (especially the yellow!) I can't wait to have a house to remodel, I'm helping my brother out and it looks like so much fun picking out color schemes and stuff, exhausting but fun! You should take pictures of the end results!
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Thanks everyone! I am going to have before and after pictures!
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