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What to expect?

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In July of last year we moved to a new house. Our cat Titan got out while we were moving furniture and we never saw him again. We went to our old house every day for about 3-4 months and then weekly after that. I got a call from our local shelter yesterday saying they had Titan. I can't believe after 9 months we found him!! He was living one block away from our old house. He is HUGE!!! I mean the size of a small dog I took him to the vet today and they shaved him because he was full of mats and burrs. He looks like he has had a rough 9 months and has been living outside.
I am expecting a bit of a fight to keep him inside, any suggestions? I am not sure what to expect from him, will he think we abandoned him?
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Oh wow! That's a little unique & I don't have facts...

You have to keep him inside. Simple as... Root him to your home. He's worth fighting with, right?! Is he microchipped? Make sure that he has a collar w/ a tag & a microchip. Spoil him ROTTEN! Buy him new toys to play with, a new bed to sleep in (unless he has a favorite already), interact with him, feed him treats, pamper him, love him! Get him bonded with you again & make sure that he feels secure.

Do you have other pets??
Let us know his reaction! Glad to hear that he made it home! It must have been awful for him.
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Poor Titan, rescued, shaved and put into a new environment all in 24 hrs. He is still hiding and hasn't eaten much, just bites here and there. He is drinking water. He looks awful and is very skinny. He weighed in at 12 lbs with all his hair. Before we lost him he was about 15 lbs. He is very tall and big boned so he just looks so skinny.
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