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feeding adult cats and kitten in same house

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This is what i do, i couldnt find a dry all stages food, so right now i am keeping authority kitten dry for them to pick on.

In the morning i split a can of authority wet adult between all 3.

At night i split a can of friskies between all 3.

now the kitty is 8mos old.

I just bought a bag of dry max cat adult, would it be ok to mix adult and kitten food together to leave out for picking throughout the day?

and is it ok kitty is getting adult wet? or should i start buying her the kitten cans of authority?
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adult wet is fine/// some will say the adult is fine , check the protein and fat 2 % less in each can = 10% less calories
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I've got an adult (2) and a kitten (12 weeks) and I've got both foods down. Guess which one they eat - the adult eats the kitten and the kitten eats the adult.

I just supplement with wet food (& meat) so I know they are getting the right nutrients.
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I had this problem until recently. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old and they were getting their meals separately. So not fun! The 2 year old is a big time grazer, so he'd only eat a few bites and then be yowling an hour later. Anyway, now that I've gotten the little one neutered I've got them both on Royal Canin Young Adult Neutered Cat. It's part of their veterinary diet line and is designed for cats from operation-7 yrs. That was my easy fix. But, if your youngest one is 8mo, it shouldn't cause a problem to switch to adult. Just compare protein levels in your kitten/adult food(s) of choice and if it isn't a big difference, you should be fine.
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At 8 months old (assume neutered/spayed too) you can feed the kitten adult foods now.

I only keep them on kitten food for the first 4-5 months old and then switch. Never had a problem with growth, health or weight doing so. Jack (5 months old) is eating the same adult food as the rest now.
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thanks guys, i really appreciate all the advice here and totally feel comfortable knowing that how im feeding them is ok.
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My vet said that indoor cats should be taken off of kitten food at 6 months or so. I am a little unsure if this is the right thing to do though. The kitten is a Sphynx. I am not so sure she has much experience with this breed and nutrition overall *sigh*
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yeah, shes 8 months old and just got spayed so im just going to finish off the kitten food and it will be so much easier keeping them on all the same food.
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