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Harley attacking the bed gremlins!

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Since Jack and Harley have started their raw diet, I have seen Harley play like a kitten for the first time, he's barely two. Jack has played bed gremlins since he was a baby, but just last week Harley has begun and yesterday I captured it on video!

Enjoy my baby acting like a baby!

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Aw, look at Harley so full of energy. It's great that his new diet is to agreeable for him. He's such a handsome boy.
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That is sooo cute!!
I had to quit doing that because Maggie would pull the covers back or dive under them and chew on my toes! She loves that game though and now I learned (the hard way) to put a long pole feather toy under the blanket and she'll chase that forever!

Jack and Harley are beautiful!
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Harley doesn't bite the gremlins, though Jack occasionally will. We just have to watch when playing as to make sure their nails are clipped otherwise they pull strings on the quilt.

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I love the big POUNCE at the beginning!

We play Blanket Monsters, which is amazingly similar to Bed Gremlins. Ginger Cookie is our biggest chaser of the Monsters, and she gets wicked with the claws and teeth so we don't play it too often.
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yeah, I realized that the big pounce at the beginning was quite funny after the fact. I was frustrated when taping because he wasn't coming to get the gremlins, he was sitting next to me watching. But then after viewing I realized its so funny because you see the movement under the quilt but no cat, then outa no where there Harley jumps!

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I have to say I love your quilt! You're cats are pretty cute too. Nora does the same thing, but she actually bites, and HARD.
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Silly & cute.. where was the warning?! I love the Temptations that are sitting just out of reach.
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