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Two more kitten at dh's work...all white andddd all black

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So he says guess what. The girls found two more kittens and they are pretty young. And I said yea were are they, i'm sure snowwhite will nurse them too. He says The girl that is going to declaw took the white one and this other girl took the all black one. The girl that took the white one said "you are not getting this kitten, I'm keeping it and getting it declawed"
We have a feeling the all white kitty will be coming back tomorrow because there is no way that girls parents are going to let her keep it. Hopefully there isn't any vets that would declaw a baby that youn.
He says the all black cat had some brown patches I think he is just trying to keep me from killing him. So looks like we have another female at work to trap. I think we will just get her spayed and then release her back at work. I really getting to my limit of cats living here. At least if she is fixed she won't be able to make any more kittens at work.

So I could use lots of cat site vibes that little black kitty has a good forever home, and little white kitty is returned to work tomorrow because that girl is clueless!

Oh and the new momma we need to catch is all white...something about me and all white cats
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No, Val, this is just Bast laughing at you for saying "Mom of HOW MANY cats?"

I hope the kittens are ok! Good luck catching the mom. Did Laurie ever get caught?
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I'm sure this little baby will find it's way back to you soon. Good vibes coming your way!
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no laurie is still mia I want that black kitten so bad!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i'm going to light my candles tonight and see if that little white one will be given to dh tomorrow

the job vibes worked awesome!! I hope these vibes work too!
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Oh gosh, Val, how horrible! I hope that kitten comes back tomorrow, because that's just awful!

Good luck trapping mom cat. It sounds like hubby just needs to keep that trap at work!

You guys must becoming expert trappers by now.

I'm so behind on what's been going on with all your cats and kittens!!!

You sound like we did last summer, LOL! (Except we only kept two then, and the rest all stayed outside as part of the trapped-vaccinated-neutered-released colony until we found homes for them. Except Spook, who went to her new home in Jan, and then came back to us. And Tuxedo, who never got adopted, but went into boarding in March, until Gary couldn't take it any more.... )

Hubby became an expert trapper, and we kept the Vets busy! One HUGE difference is that our vets really had sympathy for the ferals, and we didn't need to make appointments. If we trapped 'em, we brought 'em in right then and didn't need to worry about appointment times.

Sorry to hear Laurie's MIA. Sending "kitty come home" vibes your way!!!!!
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