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Ok, so I've been using the Green Tea Leaves Litter for about 2 weeks now.
It covers odor and clumps pretty well. This litter does not have funny smell either. It does smell like green tea a little and I do not mind that at all.

Couple of things I dislike(Ku Ku doesn't seem to mind that at all - of course!) are, although it's very light, it gets dusty(kinda like WBCL), and messy because of that. I literally have to sweep the floor every time Ku Ku jumps out from her litter box.

Another problem is, the size & the color of pellet is very similar to her dried food.
Caught her actually eating "the left over" from the floor.
Also, I don't know why but she often stirs around her litter box a lot since I switched to this litter...

I'll probably have to switch back to Feline Pine once the bag is finished