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Moving Home

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We got our Kitten just over a year ago while I was living at home with my girlfriend there. A couple of weeks ago we moved out to a new house but left the cat there for a while.

We've now brought him to the new place but he's not taking too well to it. Firstly, we don't want him going out as we're now on a busy main road. Secondly, the old house was a bungalow and this house has stairs and he doesn't like to come down them. I literally brough him here about 2 hours ago and he's just moping about and don't know what I can do to help him take to the place more.

Any help much appreciated!

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First, congratulations on getting your own place.

What is your kitten's name? Do you have a room you can set up especially for him? Put his food, water, litter box, toys, etc. in there and give him plenty of places to hide or climb. Make sure he has familiar things around him, especially things that smell familiar to him. Examples: his own blanket or bed, a shirt or socks that you've worn and not washed.

Spend time with him in the room. It needs to feel like a safe place to him, not a punishment. After a day or two, when he's acting more comfortable, leave the door open. Let him come out to explore on his own rather than trying to introduce him to the house.

Most cats don't like change, but since he's still young he should adapt fairly quickly. Let us know how it goes.
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It will just take some time. As he sees you two going about your normal lives, he'll realize that the new place isn't scary and start exploring. You could always put a little treat on each step of the stairs. Gives him incentive!
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