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Feral Kittens

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I have a big problem, I have 7 cats already 3 big and 4 kits. The feral I have been feeding has 5 kittens. She is getting spayed next week through the generosity of a lady that lives around here and has a deal with a vet to fix ferals for a reduced price (she has tag sales to raise money for this)she says she has spayed over 3000 females since she started doing this. My problem is I don't know what to do with her kittens. I have asked everyone if they want one, the shelters are full and I hate to give them to the Humane Society and have them killed. Anyone have any suggestions? They still have a couple of more weeks before they can leave mom, I don't want to see them get abused,hurt or worse.
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I can only tell you what I would do in the same situation. I would keep the kittens, get them their shots and get them fixed. If you can find homes for them, great! But I would rather keep them than bring them to a kill shelter. There are too many kittens and not enough homes out there.
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Have you checked the list of no-kill shelters (by state) at the top of this page? This is a serious and common problem. Those of our members who take care of ferals sometimes have kind vets, such as the one you mentioned, who give special prices for spaying and neutering, and some organizations offer special prices. If you don't find homes for the kittens, or get them neutered and spayed, the problem will keep mutiplying. That's why we strongly urge that all members get their pets spayed or neutered. I wish you the very best, and hope you can place the kittens or care for them.

Please check for more informaton.
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I only wish I could afford to do that, and hubby is none to keen on the idea of bringing more cats into the house. Maybe I can talk him into it. Thanks for the support
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what do the kittens look like and how old are they? Are they friendly at all or really scared of people?
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Definitely get a hold of Alley Cat Allies (the link Jeanie gave you), perhaps there is a Rescue in your area that will help with the kittens. Talk directly with the No Kill shelters in your area and see if they have a foster program set up and if any of their fosters can socialize these kittens for adoption.

With feral kittens, taking them to a "kill" shelter will definitely mean a death sentence for them. BUT perhaps you could work out a deal with a shelter/rescue group AND hubby where you could foster them, socialize them and then let the group adopt them out. That way the rescue will probably foot the vet bills, but you know they are being taken care of.
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The link that Dragon Lady gave us to sign a petition supporting free spaying and neutering is here: I hope everyone signs it!
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I know how you feel. I started with a few cats that were homeless and I didnt have the heart not to feed and now I have 18...a new stray female arrived and she's Im about to have more :O
I just dont have the heart the let them get killed. Since my shelter is a "MURDER" shelter (sorry I just wish they were all no-kill) I had decided to tame them and give them away. So far, I've been lucky and have given several away to good homes. The first way that is the best is the put up flyers at local vets. It's more likely those people will be good to their animals...after that u can usually talk to paper into a free ad if u tell the the situation. Good Luck keep us posted...and if you decide to get frustrated and take them off, talk to me and I will help give you strength to try. Oh and once they are old enough, the females need to be fixed first. If you want or dont have money to fix them, you can build a chicken wire pen to keep them seperate from the males. Ill explain how if your interested. Since the wire is an inch wide and nothing can get in or out, there will be no breeding untill you give them away. Trust me they are like little rabbits in that :O
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The kittens all look healthy. So far only one is friendly with me, but I will keep at it to make the others as friendly. They are beautiful kittens but then I don't think I have ever seen an ugly kitten. I am going to try to get in touch with a few places today to see what I can do about them. Thanks to everyone for all your support and suggestions. I will keep you posted.
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Please DO NOT advertise the kittens FREE TO A GOOD HOME! The newspapers warn the public about this! Many people who are looking to sell cats and kittens for animal research watch the paper for ads like this! They will convince you that they are looking for a pet, even bring children with them, so that you think your kittens will go to a loving home! Even big city newspapers will warn you, and they are giving up quite a bit of money in ads by doing this as a public service. I'm sure you can imagine the consequences!

As for getting female ferals fixed first, the intact males will be mating with intact females in heat for miles around! If they mate once a week, that will add up to 20 (estimated) new kittens bred every month. That's irresponsible. I wish things were that easy! If you cannot find homes for them personally, and if there is not a shelter to take them, the only real answer is spay or neuter, and, if the cats are feral, spay, neuter, release or socialize and keep.
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I strongly agree with Jeanie. Advertising Free Kittens draws in the sickos who want animals to torture and abuse and brings in the people who sell to labs. Please do not do this.

You can advertise in the newspaper, but require a fee for adoption that is equal to what it would cost to adopt a cat from the local shelter (you can donate the fee to the shelter). And, put in the paper that a home visit and references are required.

If possible, see if your vet will do an early spay and neuter of the kittens. This will make them more adoptable and if you can't find a home for them, they will not add to the overpopulation problem once they are released.

Bravo to you for caring for these cats and kittens, and bravo to the lady who has neutered/spayed so many cats.
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Hi there Snuffy's mom,

First, thank you for rescuing these kittens and caring about their welfare. Sadly most shelters won't even consider taking in feral kittens, no matter what age. If you lived close to me, I would take them in a heartbeat. Ideally, they should go to someone who is used to doing rescue work with ferals and can socialize the kittens. Your best bet would be to start calling around to the local vet offices and asking them to ask the vet techs etc, if they know of anyone who works with ferals.

If you go to the link I have provided below, you will find feral resources- hopefully some in your area.

I deal with orphaned litters all the time. I never give them away, it is a dangerous practice. Even just charging $5.00 a kitten will stop the people who might want these babies for snake food, or targets for their pit bull puppies, from answering your ad. I charge $15.00 per kitten and include a spay and neuter certificate from the local animal shelter nearby.

Please get all the females spayed as soon as possible. Placing a female in heat in an enclosed area outside with intact males close, is just asking for trouble. There are so many organizations available to help you, it just takes some time to locate them. Please visit the link below. I hope you will be able to find someone to assist you.
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I would never even consider putting an ad in the paper for free kittens for all of the reasons that were given. I am going to just keep asking around until I find someone to take them, and if I don't I will do my best to get them all fixed and probably add them to my growning kitty population even though hubby says no more cats!
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I appreciate your wisdom and your love for animals!
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I assume those were because of me mentioning the paper. I mentioned it as a last resort if she can in no way possible keep them. I said to put a flyer up in the vet office because vet customers can be referenced by the vet if u need to. Also people who take their animals to the vet are more likely to take care of new pets. There must be ways to put cats/dogs in paper and find them good homes. Usually not, but as a last resort, it's better than the local pound (especially if it's not a no-kill shelter like mine). Otherwise all a person can do is ask around and HOPE that even people you meet will take care of them.
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I believe we have covered the numerous reasons why offering the kittens "Free" in the newspapers is just not an option. Just the possibility of even ONE becoming snake food is too awful to think about! Many other options have been suggested.
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Good News Everyone!!! I found a place that will take all the kittens and place them in good homes. I found it through They are picking them up next week and they will be put into a foster home first. I am so happy I wrote and asked about what to do with them. Thank you all for your help. I think she was the only female feral in the neighborhood and she is getting spayed next week. Now to work on getting the males in the neighborhood done. Thank you all so very much. This was some really good news in a rather bleak week.
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That is great news! I'm so glad mother cat found you, and I'm pleased that Meowhoo was able to help you! Thank you so much for brightening our day.
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That is such exciting news!

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Out of stubborn curiosity (and the fact that I have 12 kittens to give away 4 from 3 mothers) what type of 'place'? Thanks
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awwww what exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That just made my day! Thanks for sharing!!!
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Hi Gothic...The lady who took them (the feral kittens) mostly just takes hard to place adult cats. And she had a beauty of a black cat there when I dropped off the kittens. I hated to give them up as I took them in for one night since mom was getting spayed the next day. I got attached to them that quick! I even named one Petey (because he looked like the dog from The Little Rascals) I would have loved to have kept him but with 7 other cats in the house just couldn't do it. As soon as I brought the kittens in all my other cats moved upstairs and only came down to eat and hiss occasionally at the kittens. I felt so guilty doing this but I know they will go to good homes. I can just imagine what mom's going to do when she gets home. She will be like the wild cat she is and go nuts looking for them. I feel bad for her but at least she won't be having anymore kittens.
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I'm sure there is a little spot in your heart that feels empty withour the kittens, but you can do only so much. We all know our limits. You have a wonderful heart to care for the ferals this way. God bless! You're an angel.
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Thanks for answering my question. Im sorry you had to go through that. I know how much it hurts. I'm sending u get happy soon vibes and prayers.
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Thanks Jeanie, if I had my way I would live on a farm and take all the animals in but I guess that just isn't meant to be for me so I will do what I can with what I have but I sure miss the little buggers.
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