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I have some mentors now

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I am in a sphynx breeders group and a few of the breeders are going to help me.
One is making Cleo a bed and the bottom that goes around the cage.
She also asked her friends that live out here if they would bench with me and they said yes.
They are Rex breeders but one used to breed sphynx.
I am trying to decide what color to order.
I am ordering this.
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Good to hear that you are getting a mentor!
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I'm glad you found some help

I would hold off on the Sturdi until you know if Cleo enjoys showing, lot of money to spend and then find out she hates it.
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Thanks to both of you.
I figure i will get it because I do plan on getting a show cat this year.
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Is the sturdi just for taking them to the show?

I'm glad you've found some help too
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No its to show her in.
I am going to get the snow colored one.
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Jacky, I didn't know that you could have your own enclosure for showing? I would definitely rather have my cats in their own enclosure than in a cage.
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I am glad I can do that.
The other breeders told me about that.
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Ok - that's a nice one - neutral color. The show cage I got has a flat top and doesn't fold down as small as I'd like, but its not hard to carry (lightweight) and I can sit pictures, etc. on top.

The portable cages are a lot more popular then when they first came out. They used to be made of wood, and while nice, it was a pain to setup and carry. That's why most of my showing was with the club cages. I just recently got mine. I'd have liked it 15 yrs ago when showing a lot
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I am a little bit confused though.
Here is what she told me. She said get a vinyl door.
I must be blind because I do not see that option.
I would order a white one. You have a lot more flexibility in decorating it I think. Extra vinyls, what are you referring to? When I said vinyl I meant the option of ordering a vinyl door on the cage. You get a choice of doors, all mesh, split or all vinyl. The only other thing you order is the one gallon litterbox in white, it's on the accessories page.
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Take the vinyl door - its better to see the cats. I hate the black mesh ones - you can't see the cats in those!
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A Sturdi will be great for Cleo. Hope you are getting the one with the clear plastic fronts, so spectators can see her.

We used to show with Sturdi-products, but Bengals can often be rambunctious and play too hard in them, tipping them over onto the floor.
That's not a good scene, if you have water bowls and a litter box inside.
2 of those events convinced us to switch to different benching cages, made of square pvc and plastic coated wire mesh from a company in California. I've been very pleased with their product.

I'm looking foward to your future show reports.
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I am getting the one with the clear plastic fronts.
One of the breeders that is helping me has a cat from Ed also.
I can imagine the mess when the Bengals knocked it over.
I will get the vinyl door.
Do you think it will get here in time if I order today or tomorrow?
I hope Cleo likes to be shown.
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