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Here is my little Koda bear!

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He is adorable!!!!
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That should have come with a cutness warning!
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"Oh, I suppose this chair fits my standards.." What a snuggle bug! I love her color/pattern. It almost looks like she went trough the wash with the bleached whites!
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Gah! Koda has rendered me speechless with HER incredible cuteness. Please post more pics soon!

Sorry about that. That's what happen when I assume! Koda is a gorgeous GIRL. More pics!
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What a cutie pie!!
I love the lil spots on the nose, Maggie has one on hers too
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I second what myfamiliars said! More pics please!!
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I've got a kitten with similar markings.
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Thanx guys! We think Koda is pretty adorable as well! Koda is actually a girl(I know, the name is very misleading) That was her name when we got her, and DH loved it and wouldn't let me change it to a more feminine name.
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Koda is a very pretty girl
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