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My Cat is Sneezing...

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Hi all I'm new here.

My cat Lucy started sneezing on Saturday morning last weekend. She seems fine though, her eyes aren't running, nose isn't either. She's not having trouble breathing, she's eating normally, drinking water like she usually does & walks around the house too.

Sunday she seemed pretty miserable as she stayed on the makeshift bed my man made for her on the couch, she didn't move around much that day. We went to get a humidifier & from then she seems better.

She still sneezes, but not as much as before we got the humidifier & she is more active than she was on Sunday. We've been keeping an eye on her to make sure there isn't any other type of symptoms that would alert us to take her to the vet.

I can't figure out where she got the sneezing from though, we brought back our kitten from the vet on Thursday morning, we had her spayed. Also, we have had to give all 3 of our cats ear mite drops & ear wash for about 10 days now. Lucy didn't seem to have the ear mites as bad as my boy & the kitten though as she didn't have much brown goopey stuff come out of her ears.

So we were thinking that maybe with the combination of the ear solutions which dry out the ears while killing the mites & the house being so dry from the LONG winter we have had, that it made her nose dry.

What do you all think? Could Lucy have caught a cold? Could she be allergic? Or could it be over drying out her nose?

I appreciate any thoughts/help you all can give me.
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It's possible the kitten brought something home from the vet. I'd give your vet a call - see what they think, and maybe get her in for a check-up just to be safe.
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When I brought Levi home from being neutered, he got a URI, this required meds, THEN he gave it to our older cat, Samantha who got a really bad URI infection. It seemed hers was much worse and with a high temp. She is JUST now starting to get better after 2 weeks of meds and another week sneezing, etc. PLEASE, if your baby isn't better, go to the vet to get meds!!

I think my older cat got it worse than the baby, Levi did. She was the only one to have a fever. I was really worried about her dying, seriously. She didn't eat for about 10 days, I had to force feed her water and food. The people here were so helpful.

I finger fed her Hills prescription diet a/d (wet) food. about every 3 hours, she could only take in about 1 TBS at a time. I think this saved her life. That and making sure she had water by syringe.

My cats have never been sick until this, it's scary, but with attention, you will do fine... good luck
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I am not going to try to guess why this is going on.
I am also, not being a vet, not allowed on this board to tell you to give your cat any kind of meds.
I can tell you that "I" give (when my cats are sneezing) L-Lysene and it works like a charm
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Yes, people have said that all over here that that L-lysene works wonders with kitties!

I am wondering if I should try it, we are about 3 weeks out of URI's in my kitties and they are better BUT still sneeze everyday.
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Lysine may help if the virus causing the symptoms is due to the Herpes virus.

My new cat Hobee started sneezing a couple of weeks ago; I'd adopted him from the Humane Society. He was just fine for the first 4-5 days then started sneezing. I feared he'd contracted something from the many cats there (he was kept in an area with several other cats, roaming free in a room). I took him to the Vet. Vet suspected it was the Herpes virus (which of course is NOT the same one that affects humans!), common in cats particularly cats in shelters, etc. He was already on amoxicillin for a neutering issue so figured this might help him. She advised I give him 250mg of Lysine twice a day. I bought this stuff, that they sell at the Vet. I bought the gel and using a 3 cc syringe (no needle), I'd draw up 1.25 cc's (the amount for his weight) and give it to him twice a day. within about 2 days he wasn't sneezing anymore. Then one of my older cats started sneezing so I gave her Lysine for about 5 days and she was fine. This is what I gave. Apparently it's flavored so that it's more palatable to cats (Viralys gel)

Heckuva lot cheaper on this site than what the Vet clinic here charged, they charged $30 plus 5% tax, the crooks.
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WOW, my cats are still sick, the baby was fixed at the shelter vet, brought home a TERRIBLE URI, was put on meds, gave it to my 8 yr old cat, who got deathly ill, she has been off of meds for over a week, is still sneezing, but is eating, and all the stuff she needs to do, BUT the sneezing.

Actually, they both are still sneezing. How do you know if the URI is the herpes one? I can't spend any more money testing or anything. I just don't like the other suggestion that my kitty might have FeLV or whatever that is.

I like the herpes thing much better!!

Thanks for the post and link, I will check it out!
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Well when I took Hobee to the Vet for his sneezing, the Vet told me that 2 of the most common viruses that cause a viral URI in a cat are Herpes virus and Calcivirus. With the latter, they'll often develop ulcers in the mouth that are obvious when the Vet inspects the mouth. This can cause a lack of appetite, due to the discomfort.

With herpes virus that cat will often develop a bacterial eye infection and sometimes ulcers of the cornea so you may see runny eyes, goop in the corner of the eye, the appearance of "the third eyelid" and the cat will squint. If these symptoms occur one must see the Vet for proper assessment of the eye and the correct eye drops prescribed. Hobee wasn't at that point but I was told to watch for (already having 2 cats who had herpes virus when I first got them, I already knew about this).

The most important things to watch for:

-is cat eating okay? smellier foods are good when a cat is sneezing or has an URI, as they can smell it better....canned food
-drinking okay?
-any discharge from nose? (when Hobee sneezed it was just clear, almost watery consistency) Is it green or yellow? (can denote bacterial infection) (if so, to the Vet!)
-any problems with the eyes as mentioned above? (if so, to the Vet!)
-is cat lethargy or hiding a lot? (can be sign of fever) (if so, to the Vet!)
-does cat "sound" congested when breathing? does chest sound rattly if you place your hand on it when cat is breathing? does cat sound wheezy? does cat seem to be breathing faster than normal? (if so, to the Vet !)

You may want to read up on Feline Upper Respiratory Virus and/or Feline Upper Respiratory Infection
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