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Oh that Theif!

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Spirit is just as her namesake says, full of spirit.
When I was staying at my uncles I would wake up to find my watch, or a necklace gone, only to find it a day or two later under a bed, or couch. I swear we should have called her crow . Well this morning I woke up to find my room mate asking me if I had seen her ipod cord, sure enough, it was under my bed... it wasn't even shiny!
Does anyone else have a thieving cat?

It seems I need to find more things for her to do while I can't play with her (I can only wave the wand toy around for so long!). I have one that she likes (a ball trapped in a round track) but she is getting alittle sick of it. She also have a few small balls and such toys but doesn't seem to play with them much. Does anyone have any ideas?
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What a little culprit! She sounds like a professional! Johnboy is the only one who actively hauls off with some of my stuff. I can never find any of it, but at some point he walks up to me and *plop*! gives it back. It feels a little like negotiating for hostages! "A million of savory tender chicken treats and I'll see what I can find.."

What about some cat cubes? They have little ribbons hanging on the inside and my kitties get a kick out of them, even when there's just one of them inside!
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That is so cute! Maybe she steals them to play with them.

I have a thief, but he only steals food. Not shiny objects or iPod cords!
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Spirit is funny! The saying "all things belong to the cat" is true. Maybe you should get her her own watch and necklace? Just kidding! My kitty is almost 2 and already bored with all her 1,000 toys. If I'm fooling with something and she wants to see it she'll 'ask' first by touching my arm a few times and waiting. If it's something that's ok to play with, I let her have it and she'll take off with it. I usually find it in her bed she never sleeps in
I'd love to find some cat toys that she'd be interested in for more than a few minutes.
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Just the other night, I was given some roast beef to try out. I took a bite and Yuki jumped on the desk and snatched the last of it out of my hand and inhaled it. :O
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Trout steals hair elastics and lip gloss
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Gus steals little pet shop toys
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We can't leave our eye glasses laying around or Girlie will play with them at night. We also have to make sure there isn't any cutlery drying in the sink. Otherwise we'll find them under the couch. All her favourite toys end up there

Also have to make sure little things like hair ties, guitar picks, loose change and pens are hidden under magazines or well out of kitty reach.
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Maggie thieves right in front of me. She likes to sleep wherever I am and if I'm in the kitchen, she's napping on one of the chairs. I'll be reading or writing bills and see a white little paw reach up over the table patting around. Soon a head pops up and quick as a flash, she's off with the pen I just sat down. I have a nice collection of hair ties and pens under my bed but I never see her play with them. Is it an OCD?
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My cats will take things and play with them but usually leave them in the middle of the floor rather than stash them somewhere.

Speaking of "thieving", this picture is currently the most recent one on (of course, that will change soon).

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That's too funny! Maybe you could buy Spirit one of these toys. I think they're called Bungarees? I got one and Cassie was entertained to no end. Or.. you could teach her to use the internet!
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awww!! I *love* impish cats. Only one of my babies "steals stuff". He just likes to carry things around his mouth, hair ties, stuffed animals, legos even. He isn't above stealing food though. He's mad for people food, I have to watch him. He's a very naughty boy.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem . Spirit has now upgraded the "game". Now she will jump into the sink (where she knows she shouldn't be), grab the dishcloth and run down to my room and drop it at my feet. I'm not sure if I should yell or praise her She always looks so proud of herself...
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