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Cat trying to pee every few minutes

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Hello, My female 4 yr old cat started acting weird the other day. It started trying to pee on the couch, on the walls, on clothes, and in its box. It goes in the box every few minutes at times, I look when she is done trying to pee and the liter is dry. It is still eating, drinking and acting normal other than the peeing. I dont have any money to take her to the vet or I would have already taken her. When she is trying to pee there is no sign of pain. I dont know if she has a bladder/ urinary problem or if she is jealous of the other cat and is acting out. Please give me some idea of whats going on here if u know. Thanks
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Sure sounds like she might have an infection of some sort. I know money is tight for a lot of people right now but she really should be seen by a vet asap.
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She has a urinary infection or blockage (or possibly constipation). All three are considered emergencies, and if left untreated can fairly quickly result in dire consequences. You should get her to a vet immediately. Your own vet if possible, an emergency vet if necessary.
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She is not constipated, I saw her go #2 earlier
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It sounds like a UTI or blockage, then.

The way I put it to one of our trucking friends: Imagine it was time to go in the sleeper bunk, but you need to go to the bathroom. And you're co-driver, who is just starting his shift, says that he's not going to stop until he's driven his whole 11 hours. Imagine how miserable you'd be!
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Please take her to the vet. I'm pretty sure something is wrong. Check out with your local vet to see if they take care call around and see which vets do. Please take her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She most likely has a UTI. A UTI in cats in similar to in a human, it is incredibly painful to urinate.....while more common for male cats to block up & die - it is possible if she does not receive medical care ASAP she could block up & die from it. The longer you let it go - the worse it will be & the more costly to treat. Please find a way to get her to the vet.
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Problem is I am laid off and dont gen next check till next week, I been calling around, no will take a postdated check and none have payment plans
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screw them, I am leaving in a few to the vet, gonna write a bad check. I update yall
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I don't have a job either, but I'm doing whatever I can to provide care to my kitties. is a company that you can instantly get credit for and get care for your animals. I took my kitty to the vet last Monday, filled out an application, and I was accepted. You will be, too! Give it a try please. You can even get an increase on the amount you are given if you need it.
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Sounds like a uti.
Most females do not block like males unless they have bladder stones.
My Coco has had stones,e coli and crystals.
She is on baytril for ever now because the e coli infection always comes back.
I would try to get care credit.
We have it but its full.
Would you like to join the group for bladder problems?
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Good luck - glad you took her in, and hopefully vet's office will work with you to somehow secure your debt. You certainly sound like hte kind of person who will sell off anything to make sure your baby is ok....with her symptoms, you really had to take her in.
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Well just got home, They squeezed her and pee came, bloody pee. They are sending it off to a lab, They gave my antibiotics and a prescript for valume, and some special food. Came to $81. So alot cheaper than expected. Cant wait to see how much the valum is.
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My vet gave me valium for a cat that was blocked and had a UTI...he went nuts....he is a very mellow cat but he went nuts biting me and scratchin me...meowing constantly ..Becareful if u have stairs and such ...mine fell down them after getting some valium....I told the vet about his reaction...he wasn't suprised at all...he says that happens at times....Just a I wish I got b4 giving it to my cat....Yours might be totally fine and just sleep but still becareful of cat was only to get 1/2 a pill...they cut him to 1/4 and he still reacted the same....

I hope your cat starts to feel better soon...sounds like a UTI for sure
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Yea the vet told me she would either mellow or go crazy, I just gave her half a pill crushed up in some tuna fish. I put her in the garage by herself. Blanket,food, and plenty of room to freak out if need be. I had problems giving her the liquid antibiotics. Most of it ended up on her white chest, turning it pink
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Fish is bad for cats with uti's.
It makes them worse.

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thats great, I asked the vet how to give a cat a pill and thats what she said the easyist way was
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Not good.
You can try chicken pill pockets.
What antibiotic did you get?

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Its called amoxil, a pink liquid, 1 cc 2 times daily
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Ok I know what it is.
My cats foam with that.
Pill pockets will not work with that.
Do you have any can foods other then fish?
My Coco has had uti's on and off for over two years.
Did they do a ultrasound?
I would have one done because it will show if there are stones causing the blood.
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No ultra sounds, she felt around and said she did not feel any stones, I have to bring the cat back in 2 weeks. They sent the urine samples to a lab to look for crystals. Not sure if thats the stones u speak of. Also she gave some sample cat food 1 chicken 1 seafood.its called prescription diet feline
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I think if a tiny bit of tuna helps the medicine go down, don't get too upset - it's probably more important to get the medicine in her at this point. But, maybe if she loves chicken, try that - you probably just want something really smelly that will appeal to her - or maybe baby food, without garlic or onion, might work for you. Best of luck, and I'm hoping karma kicks in here - someone as kind and loving as you deserves a new job asap.
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I had to give two of my kitties antibiotics after their spay. I chose the liquid because I figured I could get that into them easier than a pill. I found that it worked best to kneel on the floor with the kitty between my knees and turn her on her side. That way she didn't have her feet under her to push off. I squirted the medicine into the side of her mouth, almost under her tongue. You don't want to put the dropper straight back into the mouth because the kitty will probably gag on it.
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I got a "pill gun" from my vet.ย  Just stick the pill in the rubber holder at the end of a straw-like thingย , push the plunger and the pill shoots to the back of the cat's throat and they swallow.ย  I couldn't live w/o it.

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