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BIG Little update with questions :)

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Ok..sorry to disappoint but no pics this time lol

So over the weekend Little has learned to use the litterbox and eat big boy food and is starting to refuse his bottle. He still takes a bottle a few times a day, but last night when I got up to feed him at 1 he didn't want the bottle. He did eat a good amount of baby food, but no KMR. Is it ok at 6 weeks to cut out the 'middle of the night' feeding? How often should I be offering the bottle? How often do I offer real food?

Also he loooves baby food but is not interested at all whatsoever in cat food. I've tried at least 4 different kinds/brands of canned kitten food and he refuses them all. He does, however, want beef baby food. I have even tried mixing the kitten food with the baby food and stirring it until it's completely blended and he still won't touch it. Any suggestions here?

As far as the litterbox goes he is getting really good and can get in and out by himself. I still plop him in there every 6-8 hours or so to remind him to potty and he usually goes. He tried to poop last night in there and got out a few squirts but still needs stimulating for the most part to poop. How long until I can trust him to remember by himself?? Also, I don't want to discourage him from using the box by stimulating him but he still needs baths periodically because he's still got diarrhea. What to do?
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Have you tried mixing the food with warm water in a blender so that he can lap it up? That is the only way my picky/spoiled cats will eat their wet food.

Perhaps you can try one of the 95% meats foods?
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I usually mix kitten food with KMR and make a medium thick paste and put it on my fingers or push a little into the mouths of the kittens.

Yes they spit it out once or twice, but sooner or later they will swallow - once they do, then they decide its not so bad. I've never liked giving baby food to kittens. I usually use the kitten food or very finely shredded boiled chicken.

If he's refusing the bottle, cut out the night feeding (that might get him more interested in kitten food). And feed him 3-4 times a day. Keep offering the kitten food.
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I'm so sorry the little fella still has the squirts! What does the vet say about it?
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I am glad to hear he is eating. Lucky was a little over nine weeks. I couldn't wean the little stinker. I would stop the night feedings. I think the suggestions on blender food and Kmr are a great ideas. pictures
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The doc doesn't know what to make of it. She thinks once he is off the KMR his poops will get better. You know come to think of it I think he vomited the other night, though, because I found a bit of KMR colored sticky dried up liquid on his blanket the other night. I didn't think much of it because it's never happened before or since and his attitude is completely unchanged lol but maybe it's more significant? I will talk to her about that tomorrow when I go into work.

Another problem I am having is biting!! He doesn't want to be touched unless he's biting or bunny kicking. How do I discourage this? I have been redirecting toy but he is outgrowing his little beanie baby (he is about twice it's size now!) so maybe I should look for a more appropriate toy for him to wrestle with while I'm out this afternoon?
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I bought stuffing different sizes. Then I bought some feather toys on a stick. They were around $3. Lucky loved to play with them. it wore off energy and I didn't get bit.
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