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My Cat is vomitting

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Hi There,

My cat is almost 4 yrs old and has always been the time to occasionally vomit hairballs. Mid-March this year one weekend she became really sick and was continuously vomiting through out the evening. I rushed her to animal emergency, they gave me Reglan and injected her with fluids and sent her home. Later that same evening she vomits again. I took her to the vet and she stayed there for the weekend on fluids and medication. When it is time to take her home all the vet could say was that she wasn’t sure what was wrong that it could be pancreatitus, but she wasn’t positive. My cat seemed fine and didn't vomit the entire time at the vet so she was sent home. This month about 1 week and a half ago she vomited up a hairball which made me nervous, but it was hair and so I didn’t worry too much. Well every few (2-3) days she is vomiting up small hairballs and occasionally her food. When I clean it I check and see that it is mainly hair. I have been giving her petromalt, but I am not sure if it is related to the sickness or she still has too much hair. Otherwise she is her usual self. I have made an appt to see the vet this week, but I thought I would see if anyone has any thoughts about what this could be. I am really scared to hear what the vet will say and I wanted to prepare myself if I have to.

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Has she been using the litterbox regularly? Is she eating normaly? She may have just injested too much hair and that is why she is vomitting so much. Hairballs can cause a blockage in the intestines that may or may not show on xrays.

I hope your kitty feels better soon.
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Everything appears fine. I have two cats in the house and nothing has changed in regards to the litter as far as I can tell. Although I am not certain. As for her eating habits, she is eating just fine. You wouldn't think anything is wrong if it wasn't for the vomiting.
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You can also help her by brushing her regularly, and elevating her food bowl. Most cat owners see hairballs about once a month, any more frequently than that is a cause for concern. The hair can either get stuck in the back of the throat, or in the intestines. Most of the time when hairballs cause problems it causes constipation. You can add canned pumpkin to your kittie's diet to help pass the hair.
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