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Not sure if this is the right place to post.. But never mind. I'd just like some advice on re-homing two kitties. Putting them into a cattery for a while isn't going to be an option as we don't think its fair.. They've been used to going outside since they've been old enough. =/

Anywho.. About the kitties. They're related. There's Missy (Female. About 4 years old now.) and Brooklyn. (Male. Turned 2 in February.

We've had Missy since she was 8 weeks old. She's had two litters with 3 kittens in each. After the last litter, she was spayed but hasn't been "right" since. She doesn't seem to like the side where she was spayed touched at all and gets snappy, which is the same when it comes to her head. Doesn't seem to like being touched around the mouth area sometimes. A lot of the time its when shes just eaten, she'll growl at you for no reason whatsoever. Even when Brooklyn isn't around. (I shall explain that..)

Not long after Brooklyn was allowed outside at 8 weeks, Missy started to get aggressive towards him.. But after her op. her temper got even worse. Even now they go for each other whenever they're near. They provoke each other it seems.. To be honest, we haven't taken her to the Vet because we don't have the money.. =( Which isn't helpful. She doesn't appear to be in physical pain though. Just has a VERY bad temper sometimes.
We also have a 1 year old now, so a cat with a temper isn't really helpful.. They've found out how to jump over the banister now. =/

Brooklyn is quite the opposite to Missy.. Very friendly but can be overly playful... By that I mean, he dives at your feet with claws sometimes when you walk off. He doesn't mean it to be nasty though. =/ Only one thing thats a problem (in a way) He whinges a LOT. But thats really only when he wants feeding. And like Missy he was a very annoying habit.. They both us the carpet, walls and furniture as scratch posts.... Despite trying to "tame" them out of it since they were kittens! Obviously they have a scratch post too.. Rarely use it. He's also been neutered, before I forget. =)

Obviously we'd like them to go to seperate homes as it will probably be better for both of them.. With the fighting & all.

I'll post some photos if needed when I figure out how to.. Only joined today. =/
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Welcome to TCS - Somehow, your post got to the bottom of the queue and I didn't see it till now. I apologize for not seeing it earlier. Maybe you could ask at the veterinarians and see if they have any suggestions - they often know whose lost a pet; and sometimes people are unwilling and too grief-stricken to adopt until they hear of a crisis-situation...
Sending prayers & vibes that you find good homes for the kitties
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