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Daily Thread HUMP day March 4th!

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Morning folks!!

We are getting a little bit milder today to -3...oooooooooh, I can't wait. I love Spring...I am thrilled for Spring to come.

I got my wedding shoes yesterday There was a big sale on and I got the ceremony shoes, and the reception sandals both for $47 taxes in It was a majorly good purchase and I am stoked!

Next I have to find a good bustiere that fits...which is proving to be a hard task.

Anyhoo, off to work, and then tonight going to an info session with Josh for his MBA next year.

Okay have a great day folks!
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We have pretty good weather here right now. We're just under freezing right now and supposed to reach about 50 F for the high. According to the forecast, we should be reaching the lower 70's by the weekend.

I've been into work early the last 2 days, so I was going to 'sleep in' until about 8 or so this morning, but it was not to be. My kitties can tell time, so they started piling on the bed around 6. By 6:30, I gave it up and got up to feed them. Now I'm just sitting here surfing the internet until it's time to go to work later. I'll probably work fairly late tonight since I'm planning to take tomorrow off, then off to the gym and home for the night.

Tre is up on my lap because he can't stand the thought of my lap getting cold. He and the others are lazing around and letting their breakfast settle in.
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Morning All!!!

Another frosty morning here but it's suppose to get much warmer this afternoon and be abover freezing by tomorrow... I am really looking forward to some warmer temperatures.

Heading off in about 1/2 hour, I am having cortisone in my knees today. I will be glad to have it done as they have been really bad for several weeks.

After that just home, will most likely just putter at the computer and watch tv for the rest of the day.

The kitties are window watching right now.

Everyone have a good day
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Its sunny here today and supposed to reach the low to mid 30's. Might get a bit of snow melt action then.

No much going on today as I ran a bunh of errands before and after work yesterday.

Got a bunch of sewing on my valances done-the ironing is a bit of a pain though. Will work on it a bit today. Perhaps take a walk outside this afternoon.

Have some steak from the grocery store and will attempt something tasty with it for dinner tonite along with oven roasted smashed potatoes!!

Have a good day!
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Hello from sunny england! We actually have sun today!
Work has been fairly quiet today, I'm going on a date with DH tonight.
I imagine the kitties are probably sleeping or looking out the window right now.
Have a great day everyone!
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I went to the chiropractor this morning, and I'm about to go and nap for awhile longer because I work this evening.

It's getting mild here too. The snow on the ground is actually wet instead of dry/crunchy. It's overcast though.
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Good morning

Yay for Wednesday! It's my "thursday" today, since Rob and I are taking off work this Friday to get errands done. I'm going to try and convince him to go to Verizon with me today and change our plan/upgrade my phone instead of waiting until Friday...I'm so impatient! I want to get the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and can get it for free (according to my former-Verizon-employee co-worker). We also want to downgrade our minutes to 500 with a special voice plan they have, to offset my data package I'll need. And we only use like 300 minutes a month anyway out of the 700 we're paying for.

Its supposed to start warming up here in the next few days. It was in the low 40's yesterday and Monday, and is supposed to be very close to the 80's by Friday. The weather needs to make up its mind! It's about 50F out there now, and feels good in the sun.

Kinda bored at work today, almost done with everything. I've gotta stay until about 3:40pm to make my 8 hours today. Dunno how easily that's going to come to me! Lots of procrastinating I guess! Have a lovely, less bored day!
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Humm i'm a little late to this one. Yesterday I woke up early, went job hunting for a 2nd job for a few hours. After that I cleaned house for a litle while, went to the gym and worked out for a few hours. When I got done at the gym I went to run some errands (drop stuff off at my sister's house, bank, pay rent) then came home for a while. After that I shower and met my best friend to hang out for a little while. That's about it.
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