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My boyfriend

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and I having a good snuggle. I came home early yesterday because I'm starting to get sick and once I was cozy on the couch Wickett decided he wanted to be spooned and I had my phone close by.

I posted this in a health thread too. He could use some vibes... I found a lump
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Great pic of you both.....so cute.

3 words for you re: getting sick: Oil of Oregano. (works wonders.... no I'm not affliated with any company trying to sell it, I've just had remarkable experiences with it )

For Wickett:
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Best boyfriend EVER. Wickett is absolutely gorgeous. His eyes are captivating. I love the fluffy black cats--though I can't have one due to allergies. Good vibes to you that you don't get sick, and good vibes to Wickett that the lump is benign.
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That really is an amazing pic. I'm bummed you had to take it because you were home because you don't feel well... but what great medicine!

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Awwwwwwwwwwwww such a sweet pic and thats the cutest boyfriend I have EVER seen
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Best BF EVER!!! Lol, I always joked that Pepper was way better than my bf ever was-- turns out, I was right, lol.
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