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My Suggies

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I just have to share some pictures of my adorable sugar gliders

Buddy and Charlie my adorable boys

Chloe and Charlie's baby pics 2 weeks out of pouch

Buddy hangin out on my shoulder

Buddy again isn't he gorgeous?
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so darn cute!
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they're adorable!!
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Very cute... Do you have cats too? How do the cats interact with them?
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Yes I have 3 cats right now. The oldest one doesn't have any interest in them. We have had her around chinchillas, birds, and rabbits since she was a kitten so she is pretty good with other animals. the sugar glider cage is on a stand so the cats can't get to them as easily. One of the cats is like obsessive about them. More the smell I guess than them, she will rub on and roll on anything with their scent. When I clean the cage she goes crazy climbing in it and rubbing on it. I'm not sure what the youngest cat thinks of them, she hasn't shown much interest but I imagin if they were loose she would chase after them. I make sure all cats are locked in another room when they are loose just to be on the safe side.

I did introduce one of them to one of my cats once. Tang was a very laid back lazy cat and I had one of the gliders out. So I let Tang see him. Sugar gliders make a really loud noise called crabbing that sounds kind of like a pencil sharpener when they are scared. Well the suggie crabbed and Tang took off as fast as he could haha. It was pretty funny, poor tang never came near me when I had the sugar glider pouch out again.
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your sugar gliders are sooo cute!
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They are sooo adorable! My DD and I just saw some sugar gliders at a local shop this weekend. DD wanted one desperately, but I had to say no - I think they are a bit more commitment than a 6yo girl can handle! I do wish I could cuddle one for a few minutes though. Yours are just darling!
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They're so cute! What are they like as pets? Do they recognize their owners? How do they show affection?
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I love them. I would love to touch them
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They make wonderful pets. They will get a very strong bond to their human. They are nocturnal and will sleep in your pocket or mine prefer my sweatshirt hood or curled up in my hand all day. At night they are very active and will glide around the room but like to check in with me every so often. I'm like their own personal jungle gym to climb on lol. Charlie just woke up right now and is sitting on my shoulder playing with my hair. These little guys are very affectionate and loving pets but are not for everyone. They do bite and scratch especially when you first get them. They aren't good pets for children because of this and they are frightened easily so kids can scare them. I've had plenty of scratches on my face from where I've gotten a nice suggie hug when they've landed on me. And they also will potty on you. They require a great amount of care and a very special diet. I would not recomend getting one from a pet shop, they most likely aren't healthy or socialized in these situations. Sugar gliders are a lot of fun though, I wouldn't trade them for anything
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