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Jack Coming In?

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Will keep an update. We will try to get Jack on plane on Thursday to get him here in the afternoon. Keep sending warm vibes up this way. Its up to West Virginia airport to say yes or no.

Otherwise, we have to wait till this time next week and see what the weather is as the temps will be 30ish over the weekend.
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for warm temps and Jack's safe arrival!
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for Jack to come on Thursday.
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I sure hope the weather holds. I know it is awful waiting

for good weather and a safe journey
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Good luck

Waiting for kittens is certainly a test of patience
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I really hope you get Capt. Jack as soon as possible!

The weather never gets cold enough here to delay shipping.
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Good luck! He is a beauty.

Waiting for my cats drove me crazy; I was like a little kid counting the days until Christmas!
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warming come home Jack
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Would you believe that when I was watching the weather this morning and saw that we may be in the 40s tomorrow that I thought, ah, I wonder if Jack will be flying in soon
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When will you know if Jack can ship?
Post when he gets on the plane so we know he is on the way.
I was just looking at all my old posts when Cleo came.
You wrote that you hope you would not have problems with Jack shipping in March.
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When Anne takes him to the airport tomorrow morning. They will check what the weather forecast is in the cities for the day and say yes or no on the shipping. So she will call me on the verdict.

I'll be at work so not sure if I'll be able to post or not (till lunchtime) and let you all know.
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I had to stay up all night waiting to see if Cleo was dropped off.
That was a long night.
Are there any stops on the flight?
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One stop - no choice. She only has a choice of two airlines in her town and both will make one stop. Wish we could have had a direct flight. We will have a litter pan and food in the car so when we pick him up, he can come out and stretch and eat if he wants for a few minutes before we head home.
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Thats good you will have a pan.
I wish I did with Cleo.
I bet you are excited now.
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Actually it was hubby who mentioned the litter pan And yes...I just want Jack home. Don't want to send in the show entry till he's at my house
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Jack is on the plane. Should be arriving in Cincinnati about now for the next part - will be arriving in Mpls in a few hrs.

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I bet you can't wait to hold you Boy Good flight Jack
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Thats great.
We need pics.
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Wow Jack is SO close. You must have him now!

Welcome home Jack!
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Is he here (or rather there) yet? Can't wait to see pictures.
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Still waiting to hear from yo and Jack
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She's busy inspecting his spots.

I think we'll all have to wait for a report after Jack has hit the sack for the night. Or maybe until morning.
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