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the migratory path of port-o-pots

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I swear this fall we are doing a fake documentary on this!

Every year in the end of February around 200 port-o-pots start appearing in clusters in our area... and slowly as the 3rd week in March gets closer, the clusters start to disperse and search for "food" in various fields and along roads.

Yes its almost race time in Tennessee. Anyone else notice random things like this? Mostly in areas of sporting events.

And the better question: how to not look like idiots and get weird looks by cops as we are dressed in safari attire while filming port-o-potties!
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THANK YOU! I needed a laugh like that! The mental image I just got....hehe! Sounds like it may be mating season right now. Around here, they must mate for life because you normally see them in pairs (usually around construction sites), and they stay in the same area so someone must be feeding them so they don't have to fend for themselves.

Let me know when you get that documentary done, I would LOVE to watch it!
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We did a treasure hunt once where the objective was to take pictures of your team in unusual places. One of the places was a port-o-potty and you got extra points if everyone on the team (of 5) crammed in the potty. We did it at a construction site in a city, and you should have seen the stares that we got when we did this (not to mention having to ask a complete stranger to take our picture). And we were all wearing business suits at the time.

So I do understand the weird stares you get in these situations!
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ROFL!!! I love the idea!

You need to film some at Civil War reenactments, too. I was a reenactor, and I could tell you all kinds of stories about porta-potties...how we ladies have to back into them (due to the hoopskirts), and my "flip-and-squat technique". I once even got changed in one--no mean feat in those dresses! If you ever want to see a female CW reenactor's eyes light up, tell her there's a handicapped porta-potty available! (We prayed for those to be at events; they made life a lot easier while wearing hoops.)

Funny, before I took up the hobby, I turned my nose up at porta-potties. My attitude sure changed after the hobby. I needed a bathroom at a flea market, (in December), and all they had was a porta-potty--I rushed to it, thanking God all the way! I was so grateful!

You don't even want to know about Amish outhouses...ok, I'll tell, as cats were involved. I frequented an Amish-owned fabric store; I bought CW fabric there. The (indoor) bathrooms were for staff only; customers had to use the outhouse (I used joke that they probably had marble walls, and 22k gold faucets in their bathrooms). Anyway, the outhouse was in the parking lot, and they always had scads of kittens there--which angered me, as much as I loved to pet them (I always wondered if they had rabies shots or not!). I think, due to the parking lot, the kittens had a high turnover rate...poor little guys.

The outhouse had no light at all, not even a cut-out in the door, and it STANK. I hated using it, but the next bathroom was an exit down the turnpike, so I had to.
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