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Hi, Have a problem with dandruff. My cats a little heavy, and she has dandruff. I brush her couple times a week. Not sure what's causing it and how to stop it. Need information on this.
Thanks, Ruth
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Has the cat seen a vet lately? There are several causes for dandruff. If she is a large gal, she may not be able to groom herself properly. She may have dry skin, too.

How old is the cat? What kind of diet does she eat? I just went through a dandruff problem with one of my cats, he's doing much better after a change in diet and more frequent grooming.
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Yes she is a big gal, and cannot properly groom herself. I quess that's the reason. I brush her, and sometimes have to clean her butt. I am feeding her Chicken Soup for Pet Lovers Soul (lite) I hope she looses some weight. I had her on Science Diet RD she lost very little, I didn't like the ingredients in it. Has by-products and cancer causing perservatives. I guess her main problem is weight.
Thanks for your help
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First, a review by a vet is important to make a proper diagnosis of any skin (or other) problems.

Beyond that, it is common for overweight cats to have dandruff. There are grooming issues, but also issues with dry skin which is common in overweight cats. The non-technical version as it was explained to me, it appears the body is hording fatty acids to suport all the fat tissue and not directing them to properly produce oils to provide proper skin and fur condition.

(Again, talk to the vet first.) Your cat may need a diet, and foods with more fatty acids. Fishy canned foods are the best, but there are also supplements that can be added. Dry food has less fat and fatty acids since they tend to make the food turn rancid.

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Brusing helps prevent dandruff and gets the oils moving through the body. My tortie has a problem with dandruff and I try to brush her now and then, that seem to help and get rid of dandruff. You can change her food to a more fiber diet. Try that to see if that works.
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Two great products you can use are made by DVM. Most online pet stores and vets carry them. They are the 3V liquid caps (omega 3 fatty acid with vitamins A,D, and E. You can also use a spray shampoo by the name of HyLyte. It's a soap free shampoo with the fatty acids in it as well. They both work wonders for the skin and hair coat.
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