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Maybe, just maybe very temporary kitten fosters!

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Our rescue has four kittens now old enough for spay/neuter - but only enough foster homes for two of them to recover. (They are littermates).

So the founder was going to put those two into the cages at our partner Petsmart store right after surgery!

When I saw that I called her and said I would take them for a couple of days and let them recuperate in an empty bedroom, provided they would lend me a large dog crate to keep them out of trouble for the first 48 hrs.

So, I may have a couple of little boarders! 11-12 weeks old! Brother and sister.

My mom does not like animals; I haven't even asked her. I will tell her they are only here until Friday and will not be out of that room.

Any advice on looking after these little guys provided this happens? I just couldn't let them be placed in those cages in that noisy environment where staff at the store doesn't have a clue... especially the female.

As a side note - we really, really need more foster homes! Anyone live in the metro Detroit area and might be interested??
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Awww...poor little things...good for you for taking them! I foster alot of kittens too, but I don't live anywhere near you... Good luck! Give them a cuddle for me
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Thats great I hope everything works out!I love it when I have lil kittens! they are so much fun!!
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Yes - I am getting them. Not two but three. There are four in total. The boys were rough-housing and one bit the other on the face. That one cannot get a health certificate and be placed in the adoption center until the bite injury heals a bit - so I will have three unwilling convalescents!

The other boy also had an undescended testicle so the vet had to make an incision on his tummy to get to it. Poooooor baby!

So he and his spayed sister will recupe in one dog crate while bite-face boy will reside in another. Good thing that is a big spare room.

I don't even know what they look like yet... actually... I am very excited!! And a little nervous!!

If all goes well, two will go the adoption center on Friday when I go there for my regular cleaning duties.
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She really doesn't like cats! She's a wonderful woman, but hey, we all have our shortcomings!

She pitched a fit when I said I was bringing a couple of post surgical kittens into the house... I mean was really angry and upset.

Rather than start WWIII - we went back to the original plan of leaving the kittens at the pet store adoption center. They got there just before closing, got some pain meds and went to sleep. I'm so upset that they have to stay there instead of someplace where someone can periodically check on them overnight.

I agreed to check on them over the next couple of days - I will take pics. They are GORGEOUS little fluffballs!!!
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Awww, so cute!
If you get some pics, I'd love to see!
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