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Therapy Cats

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(Not sure where to post this so please feel free to move.)

I was laying around with Joey the other night and got to thinking I have seen therapy dogs and I have heard a little about therapy cats but I was wondering if anyone has a cat that is a registered therapy pet?
I am thinking about getting Joey into it because he is the most calm, relaxed cat I have ever met. I mean you can do anything to this cat and he just keeps purring. And also because he could also be a great teaching tool for the dangers of declawing. He was declawed as a kitten (this was a long time ago and we knew no better...) but the vet did a horrible job and his toes arent so great now. and they missed a claw completely... (please note this vet was shut down shortly after. He was a great vet when we first started going but we believe he may have been showing a lot of signs of Alzheimers)

But anyways, what all do I need to do to get him into therapy classes? I know he needs to be leash trained and up to date on all shots. And also is there anything I can do about his shedding? We brush him at least 2 times a week but he still sheds like crazy!
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Sorry I can't answer any of your questions, but I think that is an excellent idea! Purring is a proven way to calm nerves. Yay Joey!!!
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A good starting point would be going to the Delta Society webpage and seeing if there are any trainers in your area.

The site gives you some step-by-step instructions for how to train and certify your pet for assisted therapy.

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thank you!

I believe Joey would be great for it. He has always been wonderful and any time he's been around kids he doesnt care if they pull or poke on him. He doesnt care if you pet him rough or even if you arent even paying attention to him, as long as you are in contact some how he is purring as loud as he can. Hes a sweetie. Now we just have to teach him to walk on a leash...
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