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Siddha keeps trying to *kiss* me on the lips!!!

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WHY does he do this!!?? I don't really consider it a behavior 'problem' necessarily, but when I'm sleeping and he puts his cold little wet nose to my mouth and starts licking my lips it kinda gets to me! He is such a lover-boy. He starts out every night sleeping on my neck with his head on my cheek and purring like a little diesel engine. It's ADORABLE, but i can't help but feel like I need to wipe my mouth off with the kitty saliva on it. Do y'all think it's something to worry about?

I don't want to 'punish' his adorable and loving behavior, but I'd REALLY like it if he didn't lick my lips so much! Bodhi just loves to head butt my face which is fine... is there a way to teach Siddha to do that instead?
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Nothing to worry about... He is just being loving and grooming you...
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My Nemo does this! heck he licks anywhere he can! he is just trying to groom you, that means he loves you
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I would guess it has to do with him finding out where you've been, etc.

The only solution I could suggest might be to put something strong-smelling on it, maybe chapstick in some flavor can't don't like (NOT MINT!).
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When we first adopted Zero, he'd do that to me every night. Because of the way our apartment's floor plan works (which is unusual), we had to keep Pumpkin in the bedroom and Zero had the run of things downstairs... but since he was new, we weren't ready to leave him alone or anything so I slept on the couch and he'd snuggle up next to me... and try to suckle my chin. He grew out of it eventually.
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He obviously thinks you take the cake! & he loves you so much that he's taking care of you too. If one of the boys is kissing me when/where I don't want them to, I'll just give them a finger to lick instead.

I know you don't like it right now, but one day you might miss the kisses!
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my kitty kisses me! if i pucker my lips up she'll come up and peck me on the lips. or if i've just come home and she's putting her face up to mine she won't go away until i peck her on the lips. yesterday i was busy and ignored her so she ended up jumping on me and putting her paws on my face until i kissed her.

and if my boyfriend comes home and we're having kisses sometimes she'll barge in and want kisses from us.

it's soooooo cute!
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Ummm .... I kiss my cat on the "lips" on purpose. As I've seen on this site before "kitties' cuteness sanitizes them'!

Danny likes to smell my breath, but I have never had him lick my mouth.
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Oh we had a darling little lip smacker in rescue. He liked to lick and suckle on lips. I'm sure he will eventually outgrow it. But I thought it was adorable. If I was holding him like a baby and leaned in and puckered and made kissy noises - slurp slurp! Alex would return the favor!
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Thanks for the reassuring replies... I think it's adorable that he wants to be so close to my face, but I am kind of a germ-a-phobe sometimes. I guess I'll have to work on that since I now am the proud owner of two extremely loving kitties. It makes me feel good to know that he loves me so much. I just got him less than 2 months ago.
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww, too cute!!!
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