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Squee eating dog food

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I just caught Squee eating our dog's dry food. There is plenty of dry cat food in her dish, and she had some wet food this morning. Is there a reason why she would do this, or is she just being weird?
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Mine will eat dog food if they think they are stealing it.
Give it to them though, and they will all act as though you've given them the biggest insult.
They are free fed, so I know they are just being sneaks because they can.
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My cat Bubbles will only eat dog food. Doesn't matter if cat food is available for her, she just prefers the dog food. She acts very dog like as well!
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Is that healthy though? My boyfriend's cat eats dog food too, and it worries me ...
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I would think that it wouldn't be healthy because isn't there certain things cats need in thier diet that dog food lacks?
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All of mine like dog food. Possum and Sloth have to be locked in the room when the dog is being fed. They will try and eat all his food causing the dog to choke on his food. Sometimes i think they plan on making the dog choke!
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Dog food doesn't contain enough protein or taurine for cats. It's okay once in a while but their main food source should be cat food. My kitten eats my dog's food which is raw. My dog tries to steal his food too. It's a pain in the butt....
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A piece here and there won't hurt them, but it should not be the majority of their diet. I would worry more about a choking hazard if the dog food is substantially bigger than cat food (remember they don't really chew it most of the time).
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Some of my cats like dog food too, however the dog food is not around long enough before it gets eaten for them to really get much of it...
However last week I was feeding my German Shepherd, I just put the food bowl down for my dog and one of the kittens jumped into her pen and stuck her head in it! I almost had a heart attack because I wasn't sure how the dog would react to having her food taken over by a kitten like that! (I've only had the dog 2 months.) Luckily she didn't react at all, just waited for the cat to get out of the way so she could eat. I was prepared to leap in there and separate them if she growled or something...whew.
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