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Cat brush

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Ok I've read and re-read the care and grooming section concerning combing my cats (3 month old shorthairs) and a couple times it's mentioned that metal brushes should not be used. Now aside from the obvious comfort factor are there any other reasons to switch to the comb listed on top of the meow.com site? I like the look and the size of that one and the fact that its plastic and i wont have to worry about poking places on my cats, but my wife is a bit of, well lets just say she's frugle and i'd like to have more to go on when i tell her the walmart brush she bought me isnt going to cut it...
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You can return the brush from Walmart. I'm sure there are the type of comb you like there as well so maybe an exchange?
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ooo see me as a guy woulda never thought,... return one for another
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Glad I could help!
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men don't return things, they hide them for there wives to find monthes later.
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<--- Guilty
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Hi Chris!

i did quite abit of research on grooming tools for kitties.

Currently, i also have a greyhound comb, which is a metal comb with ROUND ends. It is most ideal for kitties with long hair. i used this for Venus, and so far, it serves its purpose.

i would not hesitate to discard the comb in a heart beat if it is harmful to my kitty. Please share what you found out about the metal comb -- i am really concerned. Thanks!

For Isys, my shorthair Aby, i use a curry comb. It is highly recommended!

Smiles and Cheers!
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