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Bothered by someone at another board I go to

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I don't know how to approach them really...This friend of mind at this parenting board I go to just lost her family cat due to Feline Leukemia,,,well, in the post she started says she just never got around to getting his leukemia shots..she has a son who is 6 years old and is sad about the situation, but she is already talking about getting another cat and saying it will be an outside cat too already....I have put a link up to this thread where this board is and I am angry that she is even considering getting another cat, knowing that she may not get around to getting this cats shots again and then it may die because of her irresponsibilities taken......I have known her for a while, and she knows how I feel, but I am just soo angry that she is even considering getting another cat..she says that cats are cool and a catless house is not.....I dunno...tell me your thoughts would you? thanks...
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I agree with you she has no business getting another cat.
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Maybe a couple links showing what the disease does to the poor guys will make a stark reminder to her to have them properly vaccinated?
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Yea..I was thinking about this...I just don't want to stick my nose where it doesn't belong since she hasn't asked for advice on it...ya know...??
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I added my 2 cents worth on the site. (6Kids) Hope it helps.
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Thanks! I was wondering who 6kids was but then I saw your name on there, and it knew it was you..thanks a bunch!
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Glad to help out!
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I had a kitten I rescued and allowed a friend of mine to adopt it. She kept making excuses to keep it from continuing it's shots (I started them) and when I took her daughter to a charity vet to get the animal shots they said they needed proof her mother was on welfare. I offered to pay and they refused the money, but wouldn't give the cat it's shots. Then she made it an outdoor cat in a busy neighborhood. 2 days after I got my new apartment she called me and told me the cat had been run over and she wanted me to come over and talk to her daughter. I was very cold because I was pissed that the cat had died because of her. I wanted to talk to the daughter, but I felt I couldn't take that issue out of her hands, she had to face the music. That really ticked me off because I offered to take the cat with me to my new apartment and they refused. That cat would have been alive if she hadn't have been so darned greedy.
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That's wrong, when I was 7 years old, we had 4 cats, and one of them was NZ's best exotic , Grafton Choice Spirit(Garfield), he had an enlarged heart, Mum spent over $3,000 on getting him all "repaired", he had so many problems after that, and I wouldn't swap him for anything .. We had to get him put too sleep in the end, but Mum even went at far as selling her nice car to pay for him,
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Money is NOTHING when it comes to these babies! I spent $2000 keeping Toes going when he had his seizures and I don't regret one second of my time or one penny of my expenses.
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Right on Ericka! I feel the same way. Is Toes totally ok now?
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He's been off seizure meds for almost 2 years now and his current vet believes strongly that he won't have problems again. I'm so glad, because when your baby is sick like that it scares the heck out of you! I wouldn't wish it on anyone! Ever!
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Just my thoughts here. I don't believe this person killed her cat out of negligence. Face it, there are a lot of people walking in this world that do not put the time and care into their cats that they should. It sounds to me like she has learned a hard lesson and it is one she will not make again. At least the little one has been put out of his misery, and now her pain begins,

We all learn lessons in life some the hard way and some the easier way. It serves no purpose to go on another board as a brand new member and attack a girl who honestly feels very contrite about what happened. Her most telling sentence for me was 'I had to tell my 6 year old, his best friend was gone and it was my fault.'

It was an unfortunate incident, and now she is wiser for it. I can feel her pain as she writes, as well as her frustration for not having a cat tolerant husband.
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Eww, non-cat-tolerant husband. That's an issue. I've got it and I'm working on my guy.
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