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songs that take you back.....

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after having the radio on at work all day i heard tons of tracks that remind me of old times and people, ex-girlfriends and so on. one in particular was "iris" by the goo goo dolls, reminds me of one of my ex's, its also a pretty good recored anyway.

so i was just wondering what your memory tracks were and what they remind you of?

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Oh, man, there are so many. I'm quite a bit older than you are, though, so most of mine are from the 80s.

Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" makes me think about my husband, especially when we first started dating. Genesis' "Throwing it All Away" takes me right back to when we very nearly split up. Cutting Crew's "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" makes me think of an especially steamy scene with my ex. The Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian" makes me think about speeding around with my girlfriends in my old car and the music blaring. There are oodles more, but those are the ones I can think of just now.
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binary finary- "1999"

System F- "out of the blue"

these are 2 of my fave songs just when i got into the electronic music scene, and it always reminds me of the clubs and parties i went to when i was learning so much about the scene.

motorcycle- "as the rush comes"
this was a group song for a big group of us that were all best friends, we had the most amazing times together, and then people started moving and things like that, but it always reminds me of them.
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