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Zeus has a tumor :(

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I took my cats to the vet this morning. Keller has been beating Zeus up a lot and we found out she is pregnant (long story). I though maybe that was the reason she was being so mean but this weekend he started pulling out his hair on his back at the base of his tail. We just moved to a new house this week and I wanted to be sure it wasn't anything more than stress. Well....he has a medium size tumor in his mouth which they said is not good. Maybe that is why Keller has been beating him up?
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good health vibes Zeus.
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Could be any of the reasons you gave....stress will make cats act off....What have the vets done for treatment of the tumor ?
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Pulling out his hair was stress but they made an appointment for Friday to remove the tumor for biopsy. I am going for a second opinion this afternoon.
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Many and

Sorry you are going through so much!
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Zeus is in my thoughts and prayers. I went through a similar ordeal with my cat Mia (she had a thymoma removed) and I know how stressful it is. It's a good that you're seeking a second opinion. I hope everything goes well.
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Oh no I am so sorry, Many vibes for Zeus
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Zeus had his surgery on Friday and came through like a champ. It hasn't slowed him down at all They will have the results in about 10 days. They said he was a very healthy, very hearty young boy and they were pretty optimistic. I am so happy and he made a lot of new friends
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