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new deal with apartments

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Hey yall, I just got back from vacation...Cancun was fun! Anyway, when I left I had made some quick deals with some apartment managers. The deal was that people who wanted animals in their apartment could adopt from the shelter. Before I made the deal each person here in the apartments would have to give a 500, 250, 300, dollar deposit to keep an animal at any apartment I went to. Well, I gave each manager with the apartment a deal. Obiviously a deal that went through. The deal was: Lets get people in the apartment to adopt from the shelter, but not for 500 dollars or anything like that but they pay for the adoption fee, which is 125 dollars if the animal wasn't spayed, or 80 dollars if the animal was already spayed. Then each time they pay for the apartment, just a 10 dollar fee added for the pets home bill. Well, every since that went through, letters were sent out and I have adopted out many cats/dogs since then. I feel this is the way to go. Saving so much money for the people, yet finding great homes for the animals.
Well I just wanted to share that with you. What do you think?
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What an awesome idea! I'm glad your Manager went for it. What a great way to find homes for the animals at the shelter. It is also a good way for the managers to keep their tenants as no one will want to move out.
Great Job!!!
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Great idea! We're not allowed to have pets in our apartment buildings (that's very common out here). Because of this you have a lot of cats and dogs that roam the area that technically do not have homes. It's a really bad situation. People will kick out their pet before they get evicted. I don't understand that! Would they kick out their kids? Maybe I shouldn't ask that, some of them probably would.
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