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Sophie, The Computer Cat

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I thought I would share a little something about Sophie's penchant for computers. She has done various odd and mysterious things -

She has double-spaced a paragraph when I was looking away.

She has found the keys to "open firmware" TWICE (which, according to my husband the computer guy, is a really dangerous and unlikely thing for her to do).

She has also done a computer search and somehow found the keys that read: ///hhhhhhhhZ%20%20%20%20%20%20%20IKKKKKKKKKKKtyyyyy, which I read perfectly clearly as "kitty," don't you? I reset this as my homepage for quite a while, just so I could have a laugh.

Since this time, I have learned to keep the lid to my laptop closed most of the time, but sometimes I do wonder what else she could come up with if I gave her a chance!

** Oh, blah, I just realized I shouldn't have posted a picture on this thread, but I hope you will keep it, it does help tell the story, don't you think? **
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She is beautiful (and smart) you have a great kitty
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As I said elsewhere, to us it's a laptop, but to a cat it's a bun warmer!
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Bun Warmer.

Sophie is a little beauty.
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I'll bet she has a kitty computer science degree She is adorable..
Once I left my laptop open with Jake in the room, and when I came back there was a message from AIM "Are you sure you want to delete all of your buddies in your buddy list"...I was like how lucky am I he decided to leave the keyboard rather than stepping on 'enter' or something..
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Aw, Sophie has brains and beauty at the same time. That is a great pic of Sophie warming her butt on your laptop. Bun warmer is perfect.
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Thanks guys. We think she's pretty smart too. She is already beginning her meowmoirs, though it's likely to take a while.
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