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Cat urinateing in the house

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Good morning everybody.

I posted on the health site before, but I believe my question now belongs in here. I have 3 cats at home, a 7year old female, a 2 year old male and a 11 year old foster (she is with us for 2 years now). My male keeps on messing with the foster, nothing new, he is been doing it, unfortunately, I am not able to seperate them in the house, now the foster when she is cornered she will urinate, or just when she is alone in the kitchen she goes into a corner and pees. I had no other choice than to cage her for now. But I also noticed that she is constantely in the litter box, maybe she has a bludder infection and cannot hold it if shes cornered or it is the stress, I really don't know. I had no other choice than to cage her. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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She needs to go to the vet for a UTI test ASAP. At her age, she may also need a blood panel.
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Thanks a lot for your response. I will take her in, she had a rough life out there on the streets, she had mange when I took her in and was recently diagnosed with Asthma as well.
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Once a UTI has been ruled out - then you can try things like Feliway diffusers.

Caging her makes her trapped, while the other cats have access to her (in her mind) so it often makes things worse.

My thought though - has your male picking on the foster gotten worse? Cats can often tell if another is sick - which is why I suggested considering a blood panel as well.
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Yes, he has. My other female had a URI and I had her isolated from those 2 (foster and male) and since the other female and him pretty much always hang together and she wasn't there he concentrated more on the foster cat. And once the other female joined back the gang it seemed to gotten worth. The other female picks on her too here and there, just not as often only if they get too close to each other. I witnessed her in the kitchen last night in the corner, she sat there like she was handeling her business, but there was nothing there. I don't have another choice than caging her, I rent an appartement and cannot have her urinate everywhere. It is a very large cage, she loves carport boxes, so I put one of those in there where she can hide and hope to get help at the vet.
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Run to the vet - I think she has an UTI.
Also... Any chance she belongs at her home not as a foster anymore, since she has been there for 2 years?
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She probably will stay, because of her age and her Asthma, doubt she will find a home, but of course she would stay if my male would just find something better to do instead of picking on her, well, he switches it up and get's my MinPin too, but she cares less so I guess it isn't fun.

Reading up on what is going on, I am going for a UTI, I need to take her in, thanks you guys.
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