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Where Do You Keep Your Litter Boxes?

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I have 3 indoor cats and keep a litter box in the laundry room. I have tried having 2 or 3 litter boxes, but they all end up using the same one so I have given up on that.

Anyhoo...the problem with the litter box's location is that we now have hardwood floors in the hallway outside of the laundry room and litter is constantly being ground into the new floor. It's ruining the floor!

I've thought about moving the litter box to our master bathroom, but then I will be stepping on litter every time I get out of the bath tub!

Where do you folks keep your litter boxes?
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I keep mine on the landing of the stairs. I wouldn't want it in the kitchen or living room. No one really uses these stairs but me, so it's private enough for Mony. She is a little pee-pee shy.
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Ours is in our bedroom (hardwood floors) but we have the Boodadome which has the stairs up one side that tends to clean their feet on their way out of the box. I do get some litter on the floor but it doesn't get ground into the floor and I vacuum it up or quickly sweep it up a couple times a week so it's no big deal.

Also having the litter in the bedroom with us ensures it will be cleaned out at least once per day.
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Ours are in the basement

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Ours is in the bathroom. I live in a one bedroom apartment, so I don't have a lot of options. I have to sweep the floor once or twice a day, but it's just a small bathroom, so it takes about a minute to do it. If there is litter on the floor before I shower, I just quickly sweep it up before I get in.

When we eventually move to a bigger place, it definitely won't be in the bathroom, although I like having it next to the toilet since I use flushable litter. I would like to find a way to conceal it. I've seen them placed in walls of finished basements (the wall has a little cat walkway that leads to a space behind the walls, such underneath a staircase). I would love that, but may have to settle for putting it in an area that doesn't get a lot of traffic or getting my BF to build some sort of cabinet for it so that it looks like a piece of furniture.
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Ours are in the spare bedroom...we're trying to figure out where to move them to because we'll need that room for another purpose later this year. I'm considering cutting a hole in the hall closet door and putting the boxes in the hall closet (it's a small house and we're very limited in where we can put boxes). Or, perhaps we'll get a couple of decorative boxes that look like fake planters. Our bathrooms don't have enough floor space for a litterbox, unfortunately. I'll be watching this thread for ideas.

Clay litter is terrible for wood floors. A good litter mat like this one can help to trap the litter so it doesn't track onto the wood floors. You can find similar mats at most pet supply stores. It traps the litter effectively without hurting the cats' paws, as many other types of litter mats do.

Another idea would be to think about switching to a non-clay litter, too - 'natural' litters are less likely to scratch a wood floor. If you decide to change litters, be careful to make the change gradually to avoid a litterbox rebellion.
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I have one box in the bathroom, and yes, I do have to sweep out the shower every time before I use it. One box is in the bedroom. The other two are fairly close together in the living room behind the loveseat and by the wall near the patio door, also hidden by the loveseat.

I have mats under the litterboxes but the dratted cats tend to balance on the edge of the box and launch themselves over the mat to land on the floor. Needless to say, I clean my house a lot more often than I used to.
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I have 2 litterboxes and both 1 is outside the bathroom and the other is a few feet away in the hallway!
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Thanks for the tips!

I think I'm going to get one of those big honking litter mats as suggested by tuxedokitties and also move the litterbox into the master bedroom or bathroom. I actually like the idea of having it in our bedroom/bathroom because it will definitely force us to scoop it every day (we're a little lazy with that sometimes).
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Den, living room, and bedroom. Single story ranch style home at 1390sqft, with three cats. They mostly use the den box because we're usually in here and apparently cats love to share....

I have mats under the bedroom and living room boxes and need to get one for in here. All boxes have a scratcher nearby to help them remove litter from their toes. Other than that, I just vacuum often.

I have to suggest against using closets. If you keep anything else in there it will start to smell as will the closet because it traps the smell in. No matter how clean you keep the litter boxes it's unavoidable.
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3 boxes in the spare room. We have a 950 sqft 2-bedroom house.
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Originally Posted by anjhest View Post
I have 3 indoor cats and keep a litter box in the laundry room. I have tried having 2 or 3 litter boxes, but they all end up using the same one so I have given up on that.
I am glad to see that I am not a weirdo. I have two cats that use the same box and for a while I had three that used the same box. Right now I live in a three story townhome and I have one box on the bottom floor. Both cats will go through the effort of going from the third floor to the first floor where they share the one box and there has never been a miss. I feel so fortunate that they do this.
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I have two in my bedroom (one in the bathroom, one near their cat tree on a far corner). One in the butlers pantry of the kitchen. One in the office. One in my mom's room. And one in the family room near the back door.
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i have a 2bdr house. there are 3 closets - one in each bedroom & one in the hall.
i use 1 of the bedrooms as a den - that one has a big, walk-in closet. that's where my clothes are.
the bedroom i use as a bedroom has a smaller closet - i have 3 litterboxes in that closet.
the hall closet has the 4th litterbox in it.
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I have litter boxes in the main bathroom and the ensuite, each with litter mat. The only time I have to deal with stray litter is if I fill a box too full and they scatter it over the edge. Other than that, the mats trap anything in their paws, and there is no tracking whatsoever.
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I have 2 boxes.... both are in carpet areas.

1 on the main floor, living/computer room where it fits nicely in the aquarium stand. (stand has a space between the two cupboards, which the litter box fits perfectly)

1 on the upper storey in the spare room....

The only place I find litter is right around the box... within an inch of the box itself.
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I have mine in the bathroom, but I've been thinking of moving it into the spare bedroom. Maybe then I can change back to a clumping clay litter (we are using paper pellets right now).
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I keep it in the laundry room with a Littermaid mat underneath. Now I only have to sweep the floor two or three times a week rather than twice a day.
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I keep mine in the bottom of the linen closet. The door is removed so it is just like an extra part of the bathroom. I use the Tidy Cats Breeze system and have minimal tracking, I use a handheld vacuum once or twice a week to pick up stray pellets.
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I've currently got 2 litter trays - one is for Flutterby & Tales and one is for Fluffy. Both are on hard wood floors.

My two indoor/outdoor cats Elmo & Sophie never use a litter tray. They just go outside.
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For now, we have moved it to the spare bedroom at the end of the hall. I also purchased a large litter trapping mat that is softer for their feet than the one I've been using (no wonder Minka launched herself out of the litterbox to avoid that hard plastic mat)!

We'll see how it goes. If this doesn't solve the problem of litter destroying our hardwood, I'll move the box to our master bathroom. They would have to run through the carpeted bedroom before getting to the hardwood, which is probably best. I just really want to try another option before putting it in my bathroom!
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In the bathroom. I live in a studio, have no choice at all
Funny thing is, though, Ku Ku usually goes to her bathroom around the same time as I do, especially in the morning...
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I've got 6 cats, and currently 5 litter boxes. One in the a bedroom on the first floor, one at the end of the hallway, one at the side door entrance (also by the stairs that lead downstairs) and then there is one litterbox by the bottom of the stairs and one in the "den" downstairs.

What I did for trapping the litter since I get a LOT of traffic with 6 cats is I bought a couple large carpets used for steps outside and I cut them up. They are soft enough that the cats don't mind landing on them and rough enough that they seem to trap most of the litter stuck to their feet.
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We have one by my desk and one in the spare bedroom. I used to have one in the basement but they never used it, so it's just the 2 boxes for the 3 cats. They are all fine sharing so far, I've been lucky.
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I keep mine in the bathroom as well. I have a rubber bottomed bathroom rug under mine and it keeps the litter on the floor down. When they get really ambitious and fling litter it lands on the rug and all I have to do is shake it into the garbage can.

Once a week when I wash out the litter box I also throw the rug in the washer every thing is nice and fresh. It also works great for those who have one that sometimes misses and pees down the side of the box. My old guy does this the rug soaks up the mess and the rubber bottom keeps it from going into my floor I just pick it up throw it in the wash and I am good to go.

Just make sure before you throw it in the washing machine you shake it out real good and get all the litter out. Don't want to clog the washer

Forgot to add: I also have a scoop away box down stairs it wont fit anywhere upstairs and I find I don't have nearly as much tracking or litter throwing with this box. I am thinking it is because it uses the crystals.
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My two girls prefer to share one litter tray which is located in the kitchen next to the bin. The kitchen floor is tiled but I don't like the sight of litter strewn across the floor so there's a dyson handheld attached to the wall to pick up stray bits of litter and food and fur....
(Yes, I like my dysons and there is a third one in the garage for the cars.... )
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I have 2 boxes both in the bathroom. I used to have one of them in the bedroom, but Xander would get in there at night and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and wake me up at nights so I moved it out. I could probably get by with only one of them but I worry what if they need to use it at the same time? lol
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3 cats, 3 litter boxes....under the couch
Though my placement won't help you much

I live in a travel trailer and this is the most ideal place.
The dog can't get to them, and I access them for cleaning from a cargo hatch outside.
While it's not a tiny trailer, this saves valuable floor space and keeps litter tracking to almost nothing.

Here's the back side of my trailer and the hatch I access them from.
To give you an idea the hatch measures 3'x2'
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