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Daily Thread Monday March 2nd!

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Holy Moly! Its MARCH already!?

I am so thrilled, our wedding is in less than 4 months!!

Nothing much going on today, heading to work in a bit. We are going to Josh's grandmas house tonight to see her.

Should be busy today as Mondays always are..but thats alright because I met my ratio last month (Friday) so my boss should be happy today

Alright, off I go...ciao peeps, have a good one!
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Well, we're getting more snow. They're calling for anywhere from 8-15 inches here. The roads got bad as I was driving to work, so I called out and turned around and came home. There was a tractor trailer truck stuck on a hill in front of me, plus my windshield wiper screw came loose and my wiper won't work now. I just called my boss and asked him if he still needed me to come in, and he said if I wanted to stay home I could.

So who knows what I'll be doing all day. Fiance is working still, and he drives a delivery truck so I'll probably be worrying about him all day.

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning,

Cold and clear here with a low of ~22 F. We (as usual) missed out on any of the snow in surrounding cities like Atlanta, Memphis, and Raleigh. That's good in the sense that the roads were clear, but bad in the sense that, since the roads were clear, I had to come into work at 7 this morning. I'll do a full 10 hours of work today, then off to the gym and home for a late dinner (probably a frozen pizza or something similar that will cook unattended while I'm in the shower).

Instead of my normal day off tomorrow, we've got a project review where a committee will come in and get briefed on the status of the project to determine if it should continue to be financed at current levels or not. I'll be busy getting ready for that today, then probably spend the rest of the week catching up on the stuff that I would have normally done instead of getting ready for the review.
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Today is my birthday so its going to be a good day!
Its really cold here this morning. I'm missing the kitties they are back home and I'm staying with my boyfriend.
But not a lot going on, hanging around his apartment while he's at work and then going out for dinner later tonight and who knows what else!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Its sunny and cold this morning though its warmed up to -2 (-14 windchill).

I have to fill the birdfeeders before work too. Made some fried rice this morning for our lunches and will make that quiche for dinner tonite that I didn't get to yesterday.

Not much else going on today.

Have a good one!
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Morning All!!

Sunny and very cold again this morning -20C. It is suppose to stay like this for a few more days then warm up on the weekend

Nothing much planned for today, just the usual chores and maybe a bit of a nap later.

The really cold weather has got my knees really acting up so I didn't get a whole lot of sleep the last couple of days. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor right now about an appointment to have them both injected with cortisone within the next couple of weeks.

The kitties are good, window watching at the moment.

Everyone have a good day.
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Hi everyone!
I have to close at our store tonight and tomorrow. Not to happy about it since I've only done it (with someone else) twice... Now they've thrown me on a shift on my own, not once, but twice! What are they thinking!? I can do the day shift no problem, but the nights are another story. I've closed a position before but not the management postion like I should have, and now that someone is taking time off, they've put me into a place I don't feel comfortable at all...
I'm not happy... Plus I went to my chiro today and he said it felt like I've pulled some muscles around my shoulder area and that I should go easy on it..Hmmmm, that's going to be interesting..Yes, I'm having a poopy day and I just know it's not going to get better. They are starting to irritate me at work because they are not training people like they should and it's showing...
Oh boy at 6 it's going to be interesting.
Hope everyone else has a great day!
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