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My Lap Kitty, Spooky!

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I never seem to post pics of Spooky, and she's such a sweetie!!!! She only bats around with the other kitties when they want to sleep where she is - and she'll stick up for herself, LOL! She's really kind of a spaz, and never just lies down in a lap. She keeps getting up, turning around and just flopping over. It is so funny!

(For those who don't know, she was part of the feral kitten litter that started it all for us last year... we adopted her out before we had a really rigorous screening policy in place. Hubby had a "bad feeling" about the people, and we went to see the two kitties we'd adopted to them. It was terrible, and we brought her back home... long story short, she's part of the family now. Her brother, Julius, went to live with the Vet Assistant, and he's a very happy indoor/outdoor kitty on a 240 acre farm now. The other three kittens from that litter are the rest of our family!)
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Spooky looks so happy!! I'm glad all the kitties now have a loving home. They were very fortunate to find you and Gary.
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Spooky has the most intelligent and beautiful face! Thank you for sharing her picture!
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Laurie, I just LOVE that picture of Spooky!!! She is SO pretty, and that is just a classic picture of her. You can just see how sweet and loving she is just by the look on her face.
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She is just gorgeous! She seems to have so much personality. She's lucky to have you, and I'm glad Julius is happy at his home, too.

My one cat does the circle and lay down thing, too. She marches around my lap for awhile, and sometimes will lay down. My other cat flops down wherever she happens to be.
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awwwwww she looks like my lilly
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What a beautiful little girl!!! Give her scritches and a kiss from me!
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Sue, done! Spook appreciated them .

Brenda - that "flopping" thing is so funny to me! If I'm not paying attention, she'll "flop" onto part of my lap, miss, and just fall right off the couch or something! She also rolls right off of Gary's lap onto the floor unless he puts a hand out to catch her first. It's so strange to me, for animals that always seem so graceful and co-ordinated. She's great at walking and jumping, but she's just such a clutz when it comes to lying down, LOL!
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What a lovely kitty, she looks very happy.
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What a pretty baby! Hugs from my gang to yours!
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Oh Teresa, hugs right back! I think your gang needs them right now.

PS... I love Spook's little heart-shaped pink nose with the black outline!!!! (And her paws are all black, which I also love )
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Well, youe kitty is just adorable. And she seems to be so clever!
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What a great picture of Spooky! She has such a pretty little face!
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Lizza, I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much!!!

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Laurie - she is looking lovely and well settled!
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