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So many problems...

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My kitty Lola is my kitty who is falling apart piece by piece or so it feels. I work at a local Pet store and almost two years ago(in July it will be) Lola was found at 5 am at the back door in a fax paper box that was duct taped shut with two small breathe holes. A co-worker took her home and a few days later I took her to my vet and had her combo tested which was negative. I brought her home that day. She was healthly and happy for the first year or so. Then about 6 months ago she started losing weight and shedding more then normal. She also was having trouble passing a stool and did vomit a few times. So I took her to the vet. I had a full blood work up done and all came back normal. He said it could be a problem with hairballs, the stool and the vomit both had some hair in it. So we switched food from Friskies to Natural Choice for indoor adult cats which has hairball control. We also give her hairball control treats. She gained weight back and sheds less. Now about a month ago she started having hair loss on her rear end, the base of her tail, up her spine to the middle section of her back. I though it was fleas although she was getting regular advantage monthly. I bathed her and flea combed her entire body not one flea. Then she started to have balding spots on her face, so I took her to the vet. He took a fungal culture, because he thought she had ringworm. Which I believe she does on her face, because I got it on my arm ewww! I don't think the hair loss on her back is the same thing it looks so diffierent. I think I am going to take her back tomorrow, he said the results shoud be back too. I also noticed today her lips are swollen a little too. She has also had two problems kitty acne and crusty's in her nose. What can cause these problems? I have four other cats none have ANY problems like Lola. Can anyone help or have any ideas? I am just so worried about her and since I have had she has been to the vet over ten times to four different vets. She doesn't have a fever and although she has never been an active kitty she likes to hide and sleep a lot but she always has. She is only about three years old. Any ideas? Please.
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This sounds like ringworm to me - I would wait for the results before doing anything else... It is not the end of the world - with care she is going to be fine. Aside from that, It could also be food allergies.
For your ringworm, get yourself some medicine for athlete's foot on put on it - it should be gone in a week or so...
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we are both being treated for it. the results should be back today.
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