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Which food is best?

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Lately,I've been watching alot of different comercials about cat foods. It's like they're saying "Try this one for shiney coat,strong muscles,to make your cat healthy.etc etc blah blah blah" It made me wonder which name brand food was really the best. I've been feeding her Friskies Seafood Sensation.

I'm curious about Iams and Purina,but I'm afraid to give Rokeniva any food brands that got recalled.

What do you have to say about this?
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Truthfully any food that advertises on TV is NOT one I would feed ... If you read them 90% of grocery foods have the same ingredients... Poultry , meat or chicken by product s , corn , artificial colors and flavors , chemical preservatives

Do you know how to do a search>>??

in the line that is below the thread name is user Cp .... look in that line and find and click on search.... then input best cat foods you will get loads of info ...IMHO there is no one best food , just many that are better than others
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Keep in mind that when you attempt to switch foods, don't switch all at once or you can upset the cat's tummy. A slow changeover by mixing the foods is best.

Your cat might fight it a bit as well, considering friskies and the like are sort of like our fast food... it tastes SOOOO good compared to what's actually GOOD for us!
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I did dome research on a few name brands,and I found quite a few of them on this food recall list.

The food Roke is eating now is giving her all sorts of health benefits,and it is not on the recall list. I'm pleased amd relieved.
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May I ask why such concerns over the recall? The foods are all okay now--that recall was almost 2 years ago.

Also, may I ask the health benefits of the current food?

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