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Ever have a ' I want to skin the cat!' moment?

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Just facetiously of course... I know none of us would seriously harm our furkids. But ever have a day where the cat does something or destroys something and you think 'I could kill you right now and not think twice about it'?

I had one of those moments today.

This morning I awoke (or was awoken) to a crazy kitten. so, I got out the mouse on a string to pacify her while I skyped my parents.

I think she knows when I'm on the skype that I'm not really paying full attention to her. And she's chewed through 3 headset cords in the last 6 weeks -sigh-. I have this one encased in a plastic cord protector. Anyways, she jumps on the computer table and knocks half a glass of strawberry tea on my laptop. I run and get a towel. She thinks its a game. And I'm like "scat!" At first I think not much water got in the thing, then 5 minutes later the skype goes dead. Then I notice the computer's off! Oh no!

You have to realise that living in a foreign country my computer is my life (Phone, entertainment, etc...) and I'm 8000miles from another computer with an english OS installed on it. And something other than Vista evilness...

Well, it took 2 hours to dry it out and figure out that it still worked -phew-! Still smells like brewing strawberry tea....

In the meantime... My cell ran out of juice. The only outlets are near my floor level and the only furniture is my bed. Also on floor level. Well, there's nothing more inviting to a cat than a shiny cell phone with dangly charms attached to it and a long cord charger. Aya was right there in about a second. Before I could turn around long enough to grab a pillow to toss over it to deter her, she'd severed the charger cord with a single 'chomp!'.

YOU ARE A DEAD CAT! Grrrr......

If I add up the value of all the things destroyed by this cat (pillows, futon, bean bag, headphones, cell charger) in the 3 months I've had her we're talking hundreds of dollars.

That's my story. I'm not seriously going to skin my cat. I love her too much. But she's sure pushing my buttons today.
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About the only complaint I have about Trout is that she wakes me up in the middle of the night wanting to play Puts all her toys on me and then "MEOWS" at me to get me up.

She only does it a couple times a month, but MAN IS IT EVER ANNOYING!
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My kitties seem to have "naughty days" when all they do is cause trouble- and of course they pick different days to be naughty, so practically everyday I have a naughty kitty They haven't ever destroyed anything...except that time Pandora chewed the cord on my lamp
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Oh just a day in the life of a kitten!!!lol multiply your annoyance by 5 and you have my problem on some days but you forgive them quickly because they are so dang cute
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Oh, yeah. There have been days I have threatened to turn the White Tornado into a white fur purse with a 14inch strap. (The length of his tail.)
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Mr. Underfoot tested me a lot, but he only made me really mad once. It was during a time years ago when I was really broke, and I'd just brought home a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly that was going to make up my lunches for the week. I left the bag of groceries on the table for a minute to go the the bathroom, and when I came out he'd torn into the loaf of bread and chewed a single bite out of the top of every slice. He had plenty of food of his own to eat (I spent more on cat food than on people food during that time); it's just that he wanted the bread. I didn't know whether to yell at him or hug him. I ended up hugging him - he's such a sweet, goofy, loveable cat that I can't ever really be mad at him.

Felixia's making it to her advanced age is a miracle, considering that for a year or so, many years ago, she decided that I was spending too much time at work to suit her, so she began peeing on my bed. There's nothing quite like coming home after working 18 hours to collapse in exhaustion onto a soft, comfy bed soaked in cat pee. Ugh! Thankfully, she finally quit after I got her some feliway and started making extra time to play with her every night. I figured out that I could either lose sleep staying up to play with her, or staying up doing laundry and changing the bedding.

She also absconded with my diamond cross necklace that used to belong to my grandmother...I never did find it. I learned the hard way to keep jewelry carefully put away out of her reach! But she's so cute, I couldn't stay mad at her.
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Today, not even ten minutes ago really.

I set up one of my dolls to take sales pictures of and left the room, he jumped on her and she toppled over. Neither were hurt, there were no scuffs on the doll and he seems fine but scared of her. I almost told him that if anything happened to her he would not be getting fixed lol.
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i just feel like im constantly cleaning cat poop. Between nipper going in the tub and sabastian randomly pooping on the floor every couple days sometimes i just get so tired of it. i dont yell at them im already used to it, but i caught sabastian in the act the other day and i yelled at him and rubbed his nose in it, then afterwards he looked so sad, and i felt bad.
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Only once.

I had my wedding gown hung up in the closet in the thick bag to protect it. I don't even know why I was looking now, but I found that Ophelia, being the princess that she is, had shredded the bag so that she could sleep on the pretty white satin. It was more comfortable than the other fabrics, and apparently she felt she was deserving of satin for her bed.

Thankfully for her, she barely touched the actual gown with her claws. It had some black and white fur on it, and a few pinprick holes where her claws had gone in, but she hadn't shredded it or even put a run in the cloth. She just wanted the soft to sleep on.

And this was a feral cat at one time?????
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I have been there with Lucky. Dh bought me beautiful battenburg lace table cloth. I had it a whole two hours before Lucky shreded it
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Zoey decided she was going to be a computer technician and unplugged my keyboard. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't type anything. She really hates the keyboard and jumps on it everytime I get on. She tries to bite the keys, changes settings by stepping on multiple keys. Then she stands on the computer desk and gets the drawer open and roots around digging everything up and tossing it on the floor. She destroyed a beautiful teddy bear that was dressed in lace. She is into everything she can get her paws into.. But I love her dearly
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This morning there was that moment! We got out of bed after a peaceful night's sleep to find that the three boys had been "partying" in the living room while we slept, the book case was unloaded, the paper napkins were shredded all over the floor and there was fluff from a stuffed animal strewn all over to add to the decorations.
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Oh yeah, I have days where I threaten to pull all of Maggie's teeth out with a pair of pliers. GRGRGRGRGRGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!
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Sometimes I threaten to get the carriers out and make a trip to the humane society when Siddha and Bodhi won't stop wrestling on my bed at 3am. And I know if I shut them out of the bedroom, I won't sleep anyways because there will be crying and scratching at the door.

Of course, I would NEVER ever give them up but I LOVE my sleep and when it's disturbed it puts me in a bad bad mood!

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Lani needs medication and will hide under the bed, in the middle, so she can't be reached. I have to crawl under the bed far enough to make her run out of the room so I can close the door and catch her. It is great when you are all dressed up to go to work or someplace and end up looking more Himalayan than human
My mom definietly had a "skin the cat day" when I got married. My Siamese had a thing about eating wool. She got in the closet and ate the bottom of Mom's dress, it was wool, I was late to my own wedding because Mom had to come up with a different dress
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Billy was a TERROR before I brought home Johnboy. At the time he had very loose BMs because of medication he was on. Of course he would get it absolutely everywhere, but whatever- clean it up & no harm done. Once, though, he looked like he had been in a mud bath.. so that's exactly where he went, to take a bath!

The slippery little snot catapults over my head.. dives straight into the clay litter box sopping wet.. rolls around and comes out looking like a giant pee clump.. before he dashes around the house making sure to tag absolutely everything that can stain & not be washed.

Not to mention it took forever to get all of the litter out of his fur.
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